Ventura County clarifies claims it would possibly actually maybe force other folks from homes into isolated coronavirus facilities

By | May 7, 2020

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Ventura County officials had been compelled Wednesday to allege regret and clarify that these who would possibly no longer isolate or quarantine themselves would by no arrangement be forcibly removed from their homes as allotment of an effort to additional occupy the unfold of the coronavirus.

Video circulated on social media confirmed Dr. Robert Levin, the director of Ventura County Public Effectively being, speaking outdated to the board of supervisors Tuesday just a few opinion to hire up to 50 unique “contact tracing investigators” to “salvage these who absorb COVID-19 and straight away isolate them, salvage every one of their contacts, invent sure they quit quarantined and join with them day-after-day.”

Levin admitted his miserable messaging at some level of one more press convention Wednesday, stressing these who test hunch or who are identified by officials as having arrangement spicy with an infected person would no longer be forcibly a ways from their homes.


Dr. Robert Levin, director of Ventura County Public Health, speaking at a COVID-19 press briefing.

Dr. Robert Levin, director of Ventura County Public Effectively being, speaking at a COVID-19 press briefing.

“I both misspoke or it was misinterpreted – I’ll desire the blame of having misspoke,” Levin stated. “The previous day, at this convention, on the Board of Supervisors, I gave other folks the affect that whereas you had been isolated, you would possibly possibly be taken out of your residence and put into a resort room or a motel room or sequestered in every other ability.”

“If I did assemble that, I’m very sorry,” he stated. “That is an chance. That is potential. Whereas you became infected, you don’t settle on to quit on your residence, you’re panicked that you just’ll list folks, we’ll work with you to search out a suite to quit. And, it’s seemingly to be a resort of a motel. We are in a position to need for you to absorb your occupy room on your save of position and a lavatory that can maybe additionally be dedicated to valid you. Now, no longer all people is lucky sufficient to absorb bigger than one lavatory, so we’ll work with you.”

Levin added that out of the county’s some 600 confirmed coronavirus cases, “only in very, very weird and wonderful conditions, we’ve had to place any individual up in a resort or motel and this was for causes which don’t absorb something to assemble alongside side your series of staying on your family.”

His apology came after a total lot of social media customers, including one prominent anti-vaxxer, suggested the county would forcibly consume kids who tested hunch for COVID-19 from their fogeys’ homes and save them in quarantine facilities.


“WHAT WOULD YOU DO in case your six one year former son or daughter tested hunch for COVID19 and was taken out of your residence to a quarantine heart by Ventura Effectively being Authorities?  This SHOCKING VIDEO demands that you just intend forward.  #BeBrave #HistoryRepeating” Del Bigtree, the CEO of the anti-vaccination community Told Consent Trot Network, tweeted Tuesday.

Attached to his tweet was an edited clip from the board of supervisors’ meeting. In allotment, Levin stated: “For occasion, within the occasion that they reside in a home the put there’s barely one lavatory and there are three or four folks living there and these other folks don’t absorb COVID infection, we’re no longer going in advise to desire the person in that home. One and all we’re surroundings apart, shall we teach, desires to absorb their occupy lavatory. So, we’ll be engaging other folks devour this into different kinds of housing that now we absorb accessible.”

Talking to Fox News Wednesday, Natalie Hernandez, a Ventura County assistant public files officer, stated local officials provide a “totally no longer compulsory service” for family who in actuality feel the must self-isolate to guard family.

“We’re no longer forcibly striking off other folks,” she stated, adding that contact investigators are licensed nurses who invent phone calls notifying these who absorb arrangement spicy with one more particular person that has tested hunch so that they know to self-isolate.


Additional explaining himself Wednesday, Levin stated: “The previous day, hunch, on the Board of Supervisors, I spoke to factors linked to isolation and quarantine, and how we had been going to step up our program. We had been going to develop by 10, 20, possibly 50 other folks to be taught us detect other folks and invent sure they’re in quarantine or invent sure they’re in isolation.

“Whereas you absorb the illness and you quit on your occupy quarters or on your sanatorium room, that’s known as isolation,” he persisted. “Whereas you don’t absorb the illness, but you had been uncovered to any individual who did, but we elect to appear at you for the length of incubation, the put you would possibly arrangement down with the illness and would possibly be contagious and offers it to any individual else, that’s known as quarantine.”

“We’re having a witness to no longer only isolate all people, but we’re having a witness to quarantine the contacts of the isolates now we absorb who absorb COVID illness. Now, we’re going to salvage – on story of elevated manpower and on story of elevated making an attempt out – an increasing number of meticulous in our potential to assemble this,” he stated. “And, what we predict that’s going to happen as a results of this, is that we’re going to drive our numbers ability down and that’s what we elect to appear at.”


Ventura County – positioned about halfway between coronavirus hotspots San Francisco and Los Angeles – has recorded a low number of cases when when put next with the relaxation of the enlighten. Levin stated Wednesday the county recorded valid 13 unique confirmed coronavirus cases and no unique deaths at some level of the final 24-hour length.

No longer decrease than 19 other folks absorb died in Ventura County after contracting the coronavirus. As of Wednesday, 23 COVID-19 patients – including 11 in ICU items — remained hospitalized all the map in which thru the county’s eight hospitals, Levin stated. Some 12,000 coronavirus checks absorb been performed.