Tucker Carlson blasts left’s prison justice reform hypocrisy: They want to ‘send their enemies to prison’

By | February 15, 2020

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Tucker Carlson took on prison justice reform Friday in accordance with the continuing controversy over the sentencing of aged Trump associate Roger Stone, blasting these on “the left” and in the media for taking glee over the scenario.

“[Stone] turned into once convicted of lying for the length of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. In the stay, Mueller might well well now not accumulate collusion but Stone bought as a lot as nine years in penal advanced,” Carlson stated on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “‘Factual,’ says official Washington. ‘He’s irritating and worse, he’s shut to Trump. Let him die there.'”


Carlson played clips from the media celebrating Stone’s sentencing earlier than focusing on Watergate resolve John Dean.

“Dean led the Watergate duvet-up for months. He made hush funds to the burglars. He destroyed the evidence to take care of investigators from discovering it. So how noteworthy time has he served for all that?” Carlson requested. “Properly, he served four months. He’s now not Roger Stone.”

The host then turned into to aged acting FBI director Andrew McCabe. Hours earlier, the Justice Department stated it would now not pursue prison charges in opposition to McCabe after he turned into once fired from the DOJ for “lacking candor” when puzzled referring to the agency’s watchdog over unauthorized leaks to the media referring to the DOJ investigation into the Clinton Foundation. =

“Andy McCabe authorized illegal leaks to the clicking after which lied to investigators about doing it. McCabe turned into once fired from his job for that, as he ought to be,” Carlson stated. “Nonetheless this present day, prosecutors launched that they would well now not lift any prison charges in opposition to him.

“If he turned into once Roger Stone, McCabe would be in prison correct now. As one more, he’s a movie megastar fawned over by the hair hats on cable news,” Carlson stated. “Absolute self perception his salary has elevated. Be grateful he did now not win caught supporting Donald Trump three years in the past.”


Carlson then brought up a pair of prison cases by which criminals were let off the hook for excessive crimes and went on to commit extra crimes.  The host then juxtaposed the scenario with gun control, asserting Democrats are picking on guidelines-abiding, gun-owning Virginia residents, but leaving excessive prison violators alone.

“They’re now not for gun control. They’re for punishing these that form now not vote for them. And the same factor is going on here,” Carlson stated. “The left doesn’t need prison justice reform. If they did, they’d be on Roger Stone’s aspect. No, what they truly need is to send their political enemies to prison.”