Tucker Carlson: Bernie Sanders is the nightmare scenario for Dems – and his supporters are not going wherever

By | February 4, 2020

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It is right here, the night Democrats in Washington honestly had been dreading for weeks. Impeachment has obscured this, however belief me, in the thoughts of every Democratic handbook and inform of enterprise holder in D.C. has been the Iowa caucuses, the predominant vote casting of the 2020 predominant season.

As is so fundamentally the case, fine much all the pieces the illiterates posing as “political analysts” you understand in your tv show hide as soon as predicted has was out to be nasty. Consider when they told you the Bernie Sanders had no likelihood to exercise? That the bustle used to be truly between Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke and Kamala Harris? It all sounds fine amusing now, now that Beto has long previous support to skateboarding and Harris has dropped out.


Warren is nonetheless in the bustle, however is now plummeting in the direction of Earth. Joe Biden has wandered off to search out the dessert cart. “Why the hell cannot a man rep a first rate nick of rhubarb pie in this inform?” he is questioning.

Bernie Sanders, in the period in-between, is fundamentally now the frontrunner in the Democratic nomination bustle, and right here is the nightmare scenario for the Democratic institution in Washington. They’re hoping in opposition to hope that Amy Klobuchar gets some gravity and a few votes. And in the interval in-between, they’re placing in frantic calls to a undeniable authoritarian Unique York mayor, who also occurs to own $60 billion in the financial institution. “Set us, little billionaire, assign us!”

The relaxation of us own plenty to revel in this predominant season. But there is also plenty to learn by observing it, so idea it.

Sanders is working on a premise that you just would possibly per chance per chance well well presumably also acknowledge, truly, at the same time as you voted for Donald Trump in 2016. The machine is tainted and execrable, elect me, and I would possibly fight for you. With the exception of in this case, with Bernie, there is some evidence that he will also drag down a vast range of it — perchance all of it.


To this level, Sanders has promised to utilize executive orders to begin the borders, trustworthy at the same time as you did not contemplate the country used to be changing speedily ample already.

Sanders wants to ban hydraulic fracking, which would shutter The US’s most productive financial sector and rep us as soon as extra depending on Middle Eastern theocracies. Sanders promises this is in a position to per chance well even simply be truthful, though, attributable to the Green Unique Deal, which, not incidentally, will give him total set an eye on of a big half of the American economy. So there is that.

And then he says he would nationalize our effectively being care machine and rep non-public insurance coverage illegal. He would hike the discontinue tax revenue bracket, he’d impose a wealth levy on of us that he thinks own an excessive amount of, and that is the explanation trustworthy for starters.

Irrespective of the put he locations in Iowa, Bernie Sanders is not very going away and neither are his supporters. The Democratic Party is going to be facing these of us for months and months, if not years. 

So the Democratic Party’s funders on Wall Avenue and in Silicon Valley produce not love the sound of this, the brand new taxes specifically. They address lifestyle liberalism when it procedure true weed and raunchy halftime exhibits and non-binary lavatories. That stuff is free, and undoubtedly, you will be ready to rep money on the weed and they are.

But tightening the tax code? No. No, thanks. They’re not into that at all. So they trustworthy known as their chums over on CNN, the digital bodyguard of the ruling class, and they begged for relief, and CNN delivered as it persistently does.

Correct days earlier than the last debate, CNN ran an fully unproven hit portion on Sanders, calling him a sexist, and then they went extra.

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Abby Phillip, CNN White Dwelling correspondent: Sen. Sanders, I produce are sharp to be obvious right here. It is probably you’ll per chance well well presumably be pronouncing that you just by no procedure told Sen. Warren that a lady couldn’t exercise the election.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.: That is suitable.

Phillip: And Sen. Warren, what did you imagine when Sen. Sanders told you a lady couldn’t exercise the election?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.: I disagreed.

“Explore? He is a sexist, trustworthy love Donald Trump!”

And that used to be the signal to the total other institution toadies to pile on, which they obediently did. Paul Krugman waddled out from his cubicle at The Unique York Cases to call Bernie Sanders a liar.

Craven hack John Chait of Unique York journal did what he used to be told, as he persistently does, and he known as Sanders’ surge an act of insanity. David Frum at The Atlantic reassured his scared readers that Bernie cannot exercise.

But pointless to train, none of them truly believed that; they wouldn’t be writing these devices in the predominant inform. They know Sanders would possibly per chance per chance well well exercise, and they’re unnerved about it.

And honestly, on some level, you would possibly per chance per chance well well presumably not blame them for being unnerved about it. Sanders is a human trojan horse gentle. Every lunatic in the Democratic Party appears drawn to him inexorably. They cannot set away.

Most of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s “Squad,” as an illustration, has counseled him. They’re on the road for him. Correct the other day, his surrogate, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib reminded the country how she earned her repute because the one most unappealing member of Congress.

Dionna Langford, moderator of Bernie Sanders metropolis hall match:You guys take into account last week when any individual by the name of Hillary Clinton acknowledged that no-one — we’re not going to boo. We’re not going to boo. We’re tidy right here.

Get. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.: Oh, no, I would possibly boo. Boo!.

Tlaib: You all know I will be capable to’t be nonetheless. No, we’re going to boo. That is all excellent. The haters — the haters will shut up on Monday as soon as we exercise.


Successfully, Monday has reach and we’re going to search out out if they’ve received — not that it truly matters. Because despite the put he locations in Iowa, Bernie Sanders is not very going away and neither are his supporters.

The Democratic Party is going to be facing these of us for months and months, if not years. And also you would possibly per chance per chance well well presumably not train it be not deserved, since it’s miles.

Tailored from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Feb. 3, 2020.