The Impeachment Anthem 2019 (Short Version)

By | November 4, 2019

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Twitter – @realDJCovfefe

Assaulted women, twenty say, tariff China, farmers’ pay
Cash for Stormy and McDougal, pardon Arpaio
Crimes are worse than Richard Nixon’s, admits them on television
North Korea, bad idea, appease our biggest foe

Lock her up, send them back, if your skin is brown or black
Mocks a disabled guy, and has told 10,000 lies
Why’s he anti-vaccine? Grabs ’em by the p****
In Charlottesville there’s neo-Nazis “good people on both sides”

We gotta say “you’re fired”
He was caught colludin’
With his buddy Putin
Impeach this disgusting liar
His base will be incited
But we can’t indict him

Stephen Miller, xenophobe, Rex said Trump’s an effin’ dope
WikiLeaks and crazy tweets, “alternative facts”
Roy Moore, he campaigned for, though he’s a molester
In the Oval, he spilled to Kislyak

Putin’s side, Helsinki, Russian hookers pee on me
Duterte and Erdogan, Kim Jong, El-sissi, Putin
Ignores intelligence, chose the homophobe Pence
Repeal Replace, a disgrace, has no plan to do it

We gotta say “you’re fired”
Incapable of learning
Behavior’s disturbing
California fires
He won’t blame the climate
Raking leaves will solve it

Drain the Swamp, Wilbur Ross, Zinke, Pruitt and DeVos
Tom Price, and he lied about Inauguration size
Mattis gone, where’s the wall? Mexico won’t pay at all
MBS homicide, in Puerto Rico thousands died

“S***hole Countries”, tax returns, owned by Russian mafia
Deutsche Bank big loans, McCain is not a hero
Had six bankruptcies, attacks a Gold Star family

Threatens leaving NATO, Trump Tower Moscow
We gotta say “you’re fired”
Illegal machinations
Shut down his foundation
Impeach this disgusting liar
Suppresses voting rights if
You are not a white man

“Comey, go easy on Flynn”, ten events of obstruction
Telling Sessions un-recuse, vote for me disloyal Jews
Bill Barr’s summaries are lies, Trump cheated on all his wives
“Fire Comey” was his plan, “Fire Mueller” Don McGahn
Cold calls Fox and Friends, Dreamers he will not protect
JFK, blown away, Ted Cruz’s father what you say?

We gotta say “you’re fired”
Owned by the NRA
Loved by the KKK
Impeach this disgusting liar
Junior met with spies
With major Kremlin ties

Polls say Trump is trailing Biden, and his lead began to widen
Donald worried, ordered Rudy: “Go to Ukraine”
Then he called Zelensky, “Do a favor for me.”
Biden you’ll investigate, or no military aid

Hid the transcript of that call, whistle-blower told us all
William Barr and Joe Maguire, coverin’ for their boss the liar
What’s the oath of office for? Every week he breaks the law
We can’t let him get four more, I can’t take it anymore

We gotta say “you’re fired”
He was caught colludin’
With his buddy Putin
Impeach this disgusting liar

Or when we are gone

This will still go on and on and on and on

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