Rod Blagojevich, Anderson Cooper spar over ex-gov’s file, prison case: ‘Merely bulls—‘

By | February 22, 2020

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Frail Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper engaged in a prolonged and contentious encourage-and-forth Friday evening over the currently freed Democrat’s file and claims he’s made about his prison case.

Their frustration with one one more appeared to attain a boiling level, with Cooper accusing Blagojevich on air of spouting “bulls—,” and Blagojevich using the identical profane term in his acknowledge.

CNN did now not bleep the remarks.

At some stage in their discussion, Blagojevich continued to retain his innocence relating to the corrupion payments on which he used to be convicted, telling Cooper he used to be a “political prisoner” of an unjust prison justice system — except President Trump commuted his sentence this week, freeing Blagojevich from jail.


The CNN host balked at the claim, accusing Blagojevich of the truth is evaluating himself to Nelson Mandela — the gradual South African leader who used to be prolonged imprisoned which implies that of a racist apartheid system.

“I wager must you had been to quiz Nelson Mandela whether he thought it used to be vivid within the early ‘60s in South Africa he would suppose what I’m pronouncing this day,” Blagojevich fired encourage.

Cooper interjected: “I’ve vivid acquired to kill you. As somebody who worked in South  Africa and seen apartheid, the knowing that you simply are evaluating yourself to somebody who has in actuality been railroaded by an apartheid system is vivid nuts and, frankly offensive.”

Blagojevich reminded Cooper that it used to be he, now not Blagojevich, who introduced Mandela’s title into the conversation.

Blagojevich then instructed Cooper a more correct form comparison could perchance perchance be to U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., whose grasp federal corruption case used to be thrown out by a Newark federal mediate in 2018. The U.S. Justice Department within the kill opted against retrying the Menendez case.

“What I’m pronouncing is, I used to be thrown in jail and spent nearly eight years in jail for practicing politics — for in quest of campaign contributions with out a quid professional quo. No reveal quid professional quo — and I used to be given the identical standards Senator Menendez used to be given,” Blagojevich said. “I could perchance perchance also thoroughly were in the U.S. Senate as a replacement of where I used to be.”

Blagojevich repeated his claim that he used to be the sufferer of sinful federal prosecutors with “uncontrolled” power, and began to invoke chief prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald before Cooper reduce him off to quiz about a outdated observation.

Cooper said Blagojevich used to be now not most productive convicted by a jury of Illinoians but had his case upheld by a circuit courtroom and denied a listening to by the Supreme Court.

“Your argument would now not delay,” he said.


Later within the interview, when Blagojevich defended his “requests for campaign contributions,” a bemused Cooper interjected “extorting a kid’s scientific institution.” Blagojevich again went on protection, pronouncing there used to be no “quid professional quo” in that narrate.

Cooper later claimed Blagojevich used to be participating within the usage of a “entire original alternate universe of facts” and failing to admit guilt.

“That will be gargantuan in politics this day but it’s unexcited frankly vivid bulls—,” Cooper said.

“It is now not bulls—, I lived it myself, it be now not bulls— at all,” Blagojevich shot encourage.