Mysterious Brazil oil spill linked to Greek-flagged ship that left Venezuela, investigators command

By | November 4, 2019

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Brazilian authorities investigating a mysterious oil spill that is compelled the closure of hundreds of beaches alongside a 1,300-mile stretch of the nation’s shoreline reportedly are now pointing their fingers at a Greek-flagged ship.

The Bouboulina, which departed Venezuela in mid-July, is believed to be the source of the 2,000 a complete bunch erroneous oil that has seemed in the waters off Brazil’s northeast flee, hurting fishing and tourism businesses and killing marine life. Brazilian authorities discovered the spill in early September and raided two offices in Rio de Janeiro on Friday in connection to the advent of the irregular shaded mass: a maritime company that previously represented Delta Tankers Ltd. – the Greek-flagged ship’s owners — and the keep of residing of business of a crisis administration consultancy, in step with the Associated Press.

“There is stable evidence that the firm, the captain and the vessel’s crew failed to focus on to authorities in regards to the oil spill/release of the erroneous oil in the Atlantic Ocean,” Brazilian prosecutors said in an announcement purchased by Reuters.

In a search voice described Friday by The Associated Press, prosecutors additionally said “there’s now now not a indication of one other boat” that might well well perchance procure discharged the Venezuelan erroneous into the sea.

A general view of an oil spill on Peroba beach in Maragogi, Alagoas state, in northeastern Brazil. (Reuters)

A on each day basis witness of an oil spill on Peroba beach in Maragogi, Alagoas insist, in northeastern Brazil. (Reuters)


But Delta Tankers Ltd. is pushing encourage in opposition to that claim, saying it has investigated the ship’s cameras and sensors and discovered no indications of any wrongdoing.

“There is now not any proof of the vessel having stopped, performed any collect of STS operation (Ship to Ship), oil leaked/spilled, slowed down or veered off target, on its passage from Venezuela to Melaka, Malaysia,” the firm said in an announcement. “This field topic can be willingly shared with Brazilian authorities, ought to tranquil they contact the firm [during] this investigation. So far, no such contact has been made.”

The Bouboulina, named for a 19th-century heroine of Greece’s war for independence, docked in Venezuela July 15 and departed three days later for Malaysia, in step with the Brazilian search voice. The ship left port with 1 million barrels of erroneous, which Brazilian insist-whisk oil firm Petrobras says came from three fields in Venezuela.

Crews clean up part of the oil spill that reached Peroba beach in northeastern Brazil. (Reuters)

Crews easy up part of the oil spill that reached Peroba beach in northeastern Brazil. (Reuters)

Right now after its departure, the ship sailed previous the northeast nook of Brazil en path to Cape Town, South Africa and the Malacca flee of Malaysia, in step with Kpler, a firm that tracks seaborne commodities.


The Brazilian Navy, citing an analysis of maritime site visitors, additionally said the ship passed via the jam the keep the spill seemed.

Then on Sept. 3, off the flee of Malaysia, the vessel changed into off its transponder signal for 10 days because it unloaded cargo, likely via a ship-to-ship transfer to an unknown vessel or vessels, Kpler added.

Ships are required to emit transponder indicators, nonetheless sea captains dealing in Venezuelan erroneous are increasingly turning off the protection diagram to encourage evade U.S. sanctions that prohibit firms from purchasing erroneous from Venezuela, in step with the Associated Press.

Researchers from the Bahia Federal University collect material contaminated by an oil spill in Camacari, Bahia state, Brazil, on Oct. 23.

Researchers from the Bahia Federal College get field topic immoral by an oil spill in Camacari, Bahia insist, Brazil, on Oct. 23.
(AP/Francisco Kelmo)

The ship, as of Monday morning, modified into crusing off the flee of South Africa after departing a port in Nigeria, in step with

The ship modified into once held in the U.S. for four days attributable to problems “in the diagram to separate water and oil for discharge into the ocean,” Brazil’s Navy said in an announcement, with out elaborating.


Crews working to easy up the spill thus far procure removed 2,000 a complete bunch erroneous oil across nine Brazilian states, Reuters reported. The nation’s solicitor smartly-liked, it added, says Brazil plans to seek damages for lost tourism and devastation to fishing communities.

The spill is estimated to procure hit as a minimal 286 beaches.

The Associated Press contributed to this file.