‘McMillions’ EP Impress Wahlberg jokes he ‘by no technique won anything else’ in rigged McDonald’s Monopoly game at HBO premiere

By | February 3, 2020

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LOS ANGELES – $24 million turned into once pilfered from the McDonald’s Monopoly game in the 1990s when winning tickets and game pieces had been stolen and sold to undeserving winners.


On narrative of an nameless tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in 2001, a complex internet of 53 relatives and mates enthusiastic by the map turned into once in the discontinuance introduced down.

“McMillions,” a six-half docuseries from HBO, takes viewers deep interior the investigative work by special agents that incorporated undercover sting operations and wiretaps. In characterize for investigators and prosecutors to characterize the trusty-lifestyles players to blame for the rapid-food fix, the Golden Arches corporation even needed to bustle a special game of Monopoly to take its substandard players in the act.

Series govt producer Impress Wahlberg quick Fox News about first discovering out of the jaw-dropping narrative.


“Yeah, I suggest, it turned into once a form of days where I had heard about it on the news when it turned into once going down and then one thing else happens and the total consideration shifts to that,” Wahlberg acknowledged on the series premiere. “But I didn’t in fact know any of the foremost points and the nuance till we met with the filmmakers and began to listen to the intimate shrimp print of what came about and how charming it turned into once. After which it turned into once love a form of things where it just sounds so farfetched and unreal.”

The “Fighter” actor acknowledged he turned into once a great deal surprised on the documentation filmmakers James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte had compiled of their nearly three years of investigating the case and going through case recordsdata got through the Freedom of Files Act (FOIA).

“Successfully, what it’s miles — it be just all in the foremost points. And these guys… I suggest, they uncovered stuff that the FBI by no technique even knew about,” Wahlberg acknowledged of the 2 directors, who joked on the 2-episode screening that they “portion a mind” at this level. “And that’s the reason tremendous journalism, tremendous reporting, tremendous storytelling — all of these things.”

In explaining the depths that they wished to switch to in characterize to repeat the total narrative, Lazarte acknowledged he and Hernandez spoke to countless subjects who had been in one technique or every other linked to the fraud.


“We sat down, clearly love you, must you glimpse you by no technique had an opportunity of winning the McDonald’s Monopoly game — I turned into once enthusiastic however wasn’t definite what sort of characters would score up telling this narrative. Is it rate pursuing?” he acknowledged. “So on our score dime, we just made up our minds to fulfill up with just some of the federal agents who [James] had already reach out to and the federal prosecutor and we’d been on mobile phone calls with just some of the winners or quote-unquote winners and it turned into once apparent straight away that there turned into once loads right here, a minimal of a feature documentary.”

Lazarte acknowledged after they in the discontinuance realized the scope of their investigation and what number of of us had been alive to, it turned into once sure there turned into once a lot extra to the narrative that needed to be quick.

“The an increasing selection of we got into it, it just blew up and blew up and when we realized what number of of us had been alive to, how pause you fit all that into an hour and a half of?” he acknowledged. “And there are such a extensive amount of excellent characters who own loads to philosophize about their narrative and their involvement that after we began to rupture it out into what we felt would be first a three-half series and a four-half landed at six.”

Wahlberg acknowledged he turned into once blown away by the extensive-ranging personalities related to the narrative, including the arraignments of the suspects that turned into buried by the tragedy of 9/11.


“There had been arraignments that had been in fact going down on September 11th,” Lazarte defined. “There had been in fact attorneys who had been there who had flown into Jacksonville for the arraignment, then 9/11 came about and so they shut down the entirety… airports. These attorneys might well well well well no longer even soar abet. It be a tremendous narrative.”

“The solid of characters is de facto charming. You know, there might well be loads humor in these episodes, however there might well be also loads of heartbreak, , innocent other folks or other folks who didn’t assume they had been in fact committing any serious crimes,” Wahlberg added. “Pondering it wouldn’t harm anybody — a foremost corporation that’s rate billions of bucks. Anyone is giving them an trusty allotment. It wasn’t love they had been counterfeiting or anything else — who then might well well well well turn into complicit in mail fraud. And, , having a stare at federal penal complex and all that stuff and so they didn’t receive to retain of their money.”

Brian Lazarte, left, Mark Wahlberg, and James Lee Hernandez, right, attend the LA Premiere Of HBO's

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