Mark ‘Oz’ Geist: Assaults in Baghdad and Benghazi – Trump saved lives, Obama showed weak point and cowardice

By | January 10, 2020

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The assault on our embassy in Baghdad and President Trump’s reaction are in no formulation similar to the occasions in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

I fought to defend the American diplomatic post and CIA annex in Benghazi for more than 13 hours in opposition to a decided, organized assault by dozens of Al Qaeda fanatics armed with belt-fed machine weapons, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and heavy mortars.

The Obama administration’s mishandling of this assault — which resulted within the principle murder of a U.S. ambassador within the road of responsibility since the 1970s — used to be a a long way pronounce from the Trump administration’s decisive response to threats in opposition to our embassy in Iraq.

The conventional facts ought to be enough to brush off any severe comparability. My team and I were informed to “stand down” no fewer than three instances within the face of what the media later known as “protesters” — at the same time as Individuals, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, were being killed and maimed by the terrorists. No U.S. navy reaction power used to be despatched, despite our quite so much of requests for back. Easiest by our be pleased tenacity and courage were more than 30 Individuals in a blueprint to rep away with our lives.


Analysis that to the fresh assault on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. When Iran-backed militias and their supporters stormed the embassy grounds and Iraqi forces refused to invent their responsibility to defend American lives and property,

President Trump reacted forcefully. In roughly the identical length of time it took to the Obama administration to rep an unarmed American drone over our heads as we fought for our lives in Benghazi, more than 100 U.S. Marines were on the scene to defend the Baghdad embassy and two Apache helicopter gunships were within the air placing forward American sovereignty.

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In no exiguous half due to that decisive reaction, no Individuals were severely distress within the assault.

The comparability breaks down even extra within the event you detect previous the occasions of the day and detect the longer-length of time concepts employed by every administration. The dissimilarity comes all of the device down to 1 thing: leadership. President Trump is demonstrating audacious and efficient leadership, whereas President Obama showed fully weak point and cowardice.


I’ve realized a thing or two about leadership, no longer fully over my 12-year profession within the US Marine Corps, but additionally as a police chief and as a non-public security contractor working across the realm defending American lives in a long way-flung hostile countries, where our security relied on competent leadership on the bottom to boot to from Washington. Effective leadership on the total goes overlooked by these serving below it. It merely makes the duty at hand detect easy, pure, and uncontroversial.

When leadership is missing, then again, its absence is frighteningly apparent. Screw ups of leadership cost lives and leave subordinates scrambling to quilt for the leadership that used to be wanted. That’s what we observed after Benghazi, as senior Obama administration officials insisted for days that the Al Qaeda assault, which used to be clearly planned and organized to murder Individuals on the anniversary of 9/11, used to be a spontaneous philosophize in reaction to an amateurish “Islamophobic” YouTube video that rarely someone had seen.

That story used to be it seems that absurd, but it for run would beget allowed inept leaders to place face had it no longer fallen apart below scrutiny.

President Trump’s leadership wanted no such weaseling and excuse-making. After making obvious the navy used to be fully willing to provide protection to our embassy and our pursuits, President Trump used to be forthright and delivery with the American folks. He didn’t strive to conceal who used to be attacking us — Iran-backed Shiite militias — nor why they were doing so: anger at American airstrikes on militants.


In desire to stride to defend a lie, and relying on solid intel of impending assaults, President Trump quickly struck back to ensure our enemies understood the consequences of attacking an American embassy. Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the particular person most accountable for fomenting these militias in Iraq, paid the closing ticket for underestimating these consequences. All over the blueprint, his compatriots are quickly finding out identical lessons.

Effective leadership would possibly be easy to miss when it’s practiced by one’s be pleased side. But our enemies never mistake genuine American leadership for weak point. Removed from being similar, the contrast in leadership between Benghazi and Baghdad is striking. President Trump’s leadership style will defend Individuals within the Heart East and in utterly different places safe. I do know from experience that the different is unacceptable.

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