Leslie Marshall: Warren-Sanders feud over sexism allegation must pause

By | January 17, 2020

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At a time when Democratic presidential candidates desires to be centered on attacking President Trump as he heads toward a Senate impeachment trial – now no longer prolonged after he almost plunged our nation staunch into a battle with Iran – too great attention is being centered on a silly dispute between Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Did Sanders, I-Vt., repeat Warren, D-Mass., in 2018 that he believes a girl couldn’t be elected president this yr? She says he did. He says he didn’t.

Who cares?


And how does this argument motivate someone nonetheless Trump, who likes to place a matter to Democrats attacking every assorted as an different of him and the snide insurance policies he helps?

Does someone seriously mediate that with the whole problems The us faces this day – and with a reckless, unqualified and unhealthy president within the Oval Office – that the Warren-Sanders dispute will resolve who wins basically the most votes within the upcoming Democratic caucuses and primaries? Or that the dispute tells us which Democrat would construct an even bigger president?

Warren and Sanders had been taking part in a relative lovefest – handholding, hugging and almost singing “Kumbaya” till this week. The two every watch to be basically the most progressive Democratic candidate nominated to situation Trump, nonetheless their rivalry regarded remarkably freed from non-public attacks. Both said over and over that they had been company

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And then – staunch before Tuesday’s final debate before the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses – someone mysteriously leaked supposed important factors of the 2018 non-public dialog between Sanders and Warren about whether a girl would possibly per chance also per chance be elected president.

What an most important twist of destiny! The leak took utter on the worst imaginable time for Sanders, and the finest imaginable time for Warren. Hmm … which one of those senators would possibly per chance also per chance be in a spot to be within the aid of the leak relating to a dialog between them when no assorted person used to be snort?

You don’t must be Sherlock Holmes to resolve this one out. Inspector Clouseau would possibly per chance also create it.

Clearly, Warren – or someone who helps or works for her – leaked the epic, and the finest manner someone would possibly per chance even absorb came across out about Sanders’ alleged remarks used to be from Warren. Unless Sanders used to be out of his mind, he would now no longer leak a epic that he says is flawed and that would possibly per chance per chance hurt him.

Yet Warren sought to portray herself because the victim. Declining to assault Sanders all the way thru the debate on CNN, she angrily refused to shake his hand later on and accused him of calling her a liar on nationwide tv.

We’ll never know what Sanders said or didn’t negate about a imaginable female president – there had been no witnesses to the Sanders-Warren dialog.

Many had been perplexed that CNN would bustle the he-said-she-said epic when there is no proof of who said what. And a number of had been furthermore upset with the model CNN’s Abby Phillip raised the sector all the way thru the debate. Here’s the way in which it went down:

Phillip: Senator Sanders, I create desire to be decided right here. That that you just can per chance also be asserting that you just never instantaneous Senator Warren that a girl would possibly per chance also now no longer defend the election.

Sanders: That is staunch.

Phillip: Senator Warren, what did you mediate when Senator Sanders instantaneous you a girl would possibly per chance also now no longer defend the election?

Warren: I disagreed.

As Fox Recordsdata’ Tucker Carlson said, “the message used to be unmistakable and crystal decided: He [Sanders] is a sexist, don’t vote for him.”

So who create the voters mediate? That depends on who you place a quiz to and which camp someone is in.

Sanders and Warren voters are very the same. Sanders lost about a of his ‘Bernie or bust” crowd to Warren when she first presented her candidacy. Some Warren supporters desire to place a matter to The us glean its first lady president, and a few desire a brand unique candidate or treasure the plans Warren proposes to adopt if she gets to the White Home.


Many Sanders supporters are quite excited with Warren for raising the sector about Sanders’ alleged sexist remarks. Yet many Warren supporters mediate her and mediate that Sanders would be succesful of setting up the comment denigrating girls folk.

Sanders is aware of all too successfully what division within the Democratic Celebration can create. Correct peep at 2016, when he ran in opposition to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders’ infuriate at now no longer getting the nomination used to be quite glaring – and 12 percent of his main supporters voted for Trump within the customary election as adversarial to Clinton. One other gargantuan chunk of Sanders supporters stayed house and didn’t vote, while some voted for minor occasion candidates.


The of this Democratic disunity used to be Trump’s election. If my fellow Democrats fail to glean within the aid of whoever the Democrats nominate for president this yr, they’ll be particular Trump’s reelection.

It’s tempting and understandable for the Democratic presidential candidates to assault every assorted till one comes out on high. Nonetheless if the intraparty struggle leaves the eventual presidential nominee too worn and the occasion too divided to defeat Trump in November, The us would be the greatest loser in November.