Kayleigh McEnany scolds media for lack of ‘journalistic curiosity’ in Flynn case

By | May 16, 2020

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White Dwelling Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany scolded reporters on Friday for its “lack of journalistic curiosity” in what the Trump administration believes to be the miscarriage of justice within the criminal case surrounding frail national safety e book Michael Flynn.

CBS Recordsdata Radio correspondent Steven Portnoy started his line of questioning by invoking remarks President Trump made in a most modern interview the keep he urged that people “wants to be jailed” for the “very apparent crime” that used to be dedicated towards Flynn.

“You’re an authorized professional and the president’s spokesperson. Maybe you would per chance perhaps well per chance also lay out the ingredients of this crime. What crime used to be dedicated and in what manner?” Portnoy asked.

“I gather you’re relating to the Obama administration and the unmasking,” McEnany spoke back.

“What the president calls ‘Obamagate,’ what is it?  What are the ingredients of that crime?” Portnoy clarified.

“Yeah, I’m in actual fact joyful you asked as a consequence of there hasn’t been pretty loads of journalistic curiosity on this entrance. And I’m more than joyful that you asked this quiz,” the press secretary quick Portnoy.


McEnany first started by pointing to the “quantity of questions” that were raised by the “actions” the Obama administration, itemizing the Democratic Nationwide Committee-funded Steele file and its involvement within the FISA warrants that were granted to surveil frail Trump marketing campaign e book Carter Web page  as well to the unmasking of Flynn by high Obama officials throughout the transition duration between November 2016 and January 2017.

She then renowned the Oval Set of living of enterprise assembly that took position factual days ahead of Trump’s inauguration between President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and performing Authorized professional Regular Sally Yates, who McEnany careworn “learned” about the unmasking from Obama and no longer from the Justice Department.

“All people knows that there used to be pretty loads of wrongdoing within the case of Michael Flynn. The FBI notes, as an illustration, that acknowledged, ‘Can also restful we,’ quote, ‘get him to lie,’ as they pontificated their approach,” McEnany continued. “All people knows that the identity of this three-decade real used to be leaked to the press — a criminal leak to the press of his identity in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. These are very serious questions. They’ve been omitted by the media for loads too long.  And I’m more than joyful that I deem that is the 2nd quiz that I in actual fact beget fielded on Lieutenant Regular Michael Flynn, as a consequence of justice does matter. Those questions, they matter.”

Portnoy then asked what particularly used to be the “crime,” which McEnany reiterated used to be the leaking of Flynn’s establish to the press in January 2017.


She then laid out different moments from Obama officials.

“within the occasion you would per chance perhaps well per chance even be making an are attempting to beget to originate up talking about wrongdoing within the administration, I’m joyful to sprint thru Andy McCabe leaking to The Wall Boulevard Journal after which lying about it, joyful to discuss James Clapper lying ahead of Congress, announcing the NSA does no longer video display phone calls. That used to be an inaccuracy, to explain the least, if no longer a lie,” McEnany listed. “And John Brennan telling Congress that the unreal Steele file played no feature within the Russia probe, when, no doubt, we rate it did and used to be the idea of achieving FISA warrants. So there could be pretty loads of mistruths there that were acknowledged, many of them under oath, so I would point you to those and the varied different actual questions that I am hoping you all will pursue.”


The CBS Recordsdata Radio reporter then pressed McEnany if the people she listed were the people the president thought wants to be “in detention heart,” but she pushed succor, insisting that journalists could perhaps well merely restful explore into what she “laid out.”

“That is, on the least, the job of reporters, to acknowledge to the very questions that I’ve laid out, and I am hoping you guys will get rid of the time to construct it,” McEnany quick Portnoy.