Ex-NYT reporter Berenson says reports repeat coronavirus has already unfold ‘a ways extra widely’ than concept

By | April 24, 2020

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Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, a number one skeptic of the lockdown technique in response to the coronavirus pandemic, is pointing to a spread of new reports that repeat the virus has already unfold “a ways extra widely” than consultants believed steady a few months ago.

“What number of extra antibody reports will we wish earlier than we settle for that #SARSCoV2 has unfold a ways, a ways extra widely than anyone realized a few weeks ago?” Berenson tweeted.


He was reacting to new reports that repeat the an infection payment in New York and France will most likely be tremendously better than previously concept. They derive that by doing antibody tests to gaze how many americans can fight off the virus.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed Thursday that preliminary results repeat the statewide an infection payment is 13.9 percent, which would mean around 2.7 million residents might well perchance devour carried the disease. In New York City, that number was even better, suggesting that the an infection payment was as excessive as 21.2 percent.

Berenson has also pointed to antibody data from a excessive college stop to Paris that discovered that 25 percent of 651 students. He illustrious that there devour been no deaths in these affected, and steady nine hospitalized.


That’s on top of reports in Santa Clara County and Los Angeles County in California that discovered an infection charges better than what consultants had expected. The New York Times, Berenson’s old outlet, reported that “the estimates of the form of americans infected in these counties had been a ways better than the form of confirmed cases.”

On a later podcast, Berenson spelled out why the antibody take a look at results are so main.

“It’s a ways a an awfully critical point as we strive and resolve out how harmful the coronavirus surely is,” he acknowledged. “If 1,000,000 devour gotten the virus and 20,000 devour died, then the virus has a fatality payment of two percent, which is an awfully relating number. If 100 million americans devour obtained the coronavirus, and 20,000 americans devour died, then the payment is 0.02 percent, it’s 1/100th of the sooner payment and that might well perchance be lower than the flu.”

He acknowledged that so a ways it looks fancy the coronavirus payment is in the center. While the flu has a fatality payment of 1 in 1000 (0.1 percent), he says so a ways coronavirus fatality payment is around two in 1000 (0.2 percent) and perchance as excessive as four in 1000 (0.4 percent.)


He argued that whereas the virus is aloof harmful, he says that it chips away on the fable that resulted in the lockdown technique in the first internet page.

“Steady that every of this collectively begins to paint a image, no longer that the coronavirus isn’t harmful, no longer that it is going to’t extinguish many of us – absolutely these that are elderly or who devour extreme comorbidities or much better menace – nonetheless that the figures that resulted in the dread, the final public health dread, the media dread…don’t appear to be maintaining up as we get loads extra evidence in.”

Fox Files’ Greg Norman contributed to this story.