Dr. Siegel begs Trump no longer to restore funding to ‘thugs’ and ‘global villains’ at WHO

By | May 16, 2020

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Fox Files clinical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel spoke back strongly on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday to the breaking data that President Trump is on the verge of restoring partial funding to the World Health Group.

“I hang a message for President Trump tonight,” Siegel stated. “Please invent no longer signal anything else that restores funding to the World Health Group before there is a big overhaul of the World Health Group.”

Per a five-page draft letter to WHO Director-Popular Tedros Ghebreyesus considered by “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Trump administration will “agree to pay up to what China pays in assessed contributions” to the worldwide health company.


“I consider they are thugs,” Siegel stated of Tedros as well to WHO communicable ailments chief Ren Minghui. “I’d name them global villains.”

“I am no longer talking concerning the worker bees,” he added. “I am no longer talking concerning the scientists, I am no longer talking about other folks that if truth be told toil laborious. I am talking about from the discontinue.”

Siegel added that though he respects American virologist Dr. Tony Fauci — who Carlson well-known supplied effusive reward for Ghebreyesus at some level of a White Dwelling tournament earlier this year — the NIH official has a melancholy “different of buddies” if he likes Ghebreyesus.

“…especially a pal who is working a company like the World Health Group with what’s occurred here,” Siegel remarked.


“On January 21, German intelligence reported, [Chinese Communist Party] Chairman Xi [Jinping] called him [Tedros] and stated ‘prolong warning the enviornment’ [about coronavirus],” the NYU Langone doctor went on.

“On February 3. Tedros, who’s no longer a health care provider by the vogue, praised … Chairman Xi’s dedication to stopping this outbreak, after which on February 15, he if truth be told stated on the Munich Safety Conferences — Tedros stated that the World Health Group believed that China’s makes an attempt to manipulate this outbreak had sold the enviornment time.”

Carlson remarked that it appears those to blame of worldwide public health hang as an different “made us sicker,” and stated Fauci will deserve to had been wary of Ghebreyesus given his purported “quilt-up” of a cholera outbreak in Ethiopia when he changed into a senior health official there.

Siegel claimed that those officials wants to be prosecuted in an global court docket for what he called their “unbelievable shame.”

“The World Health Group,” he stated, “aided and abetted the unfold of this virus around the enviornment.”