Dr. Atlas on coronavirus lockdowns: ‘The protection … is killing folks’

By | May 24, 2020

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Coronavirus lockdowns would possibly per chance per chance simply be “killing” correct as many folks because the virus because many folks with serious prerequisites unrelated to the virus had been skipping treatment, Hoover Institution senior fellow Dr. Scott Atlas said Saturday on “Fox Report.”

“I deem one component that is no longer by hook or by crook receiving attention is the CDC correct came out with their fatality rates,” Atlas said. “And lo and look, they ascertain what folks had been announcing for over a month now, including my Stanford epidemiology colleagues and all and sundry else on this planet who’s accomplished this diagnosis — and that’s that the an infection fatality payment is lower than one-tenth of the unique estimate.”


Even White House coronavirus job power member Dr. Anthony Fauci is acknowledging the anxiousness attributable to the lockdown, Atlas said.

“The protection itself is killing folks. I suggest, I deem all and sundry’s heard about 650,000 folks on cancer, chemo, half of whom didn’t advance in. Two thirds of cancer screenings didn’t advance in. 40 percent of stroke patients urgently desiring care didn’t advance in,” Atlas said. “And now we believe over half the folks, young folks in the USA no longer getting vaccinations. That is truly what [Fauci] said used to be irreparable anxiousness.”

“And I and my colleagues from other institutions believe calculated the tag of the lockdown when it comes to lives misplaced,” Atlas said. “Every month is ready equal to your total cost of lives misplaced for the length of the COVID an infection itself. That is a tragic, misguided public protection to extend this lockdown, whether or no longer or no longer it used to be justifiable first and basic.”

Many states are currently reopening their economies slowly, while just a few believe pledged to extend the lockdowns through the summer.


The physician also argued in opposition to preserving young folks out of schools, announcing there is just not any motive they can no longer return.

“There is just not any science the least bit to preserve up K-through-12 schools closed, nor to believe masks or social distancing on young folks, nor to preserve up summer programs closed,” Atlas said. “What we know now is that the likelihood of dying and the likelihood of even a serious sickness is practically zero in folks below 18.”