Do Women Cheat Just As Much As Men?

By | December 26, 2019

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LanceScurv once again took it to the streets to ask the question that our upcoming show asks in “Do Women In 2012 Cheat On Their Mates As Much As Men Do?

It has always been assumed that men were the major culprits when it came to the issue of infidelities committed within the confines of a so called exclusive relationship.

While others will say that there are just as many women involved with these same very men in order to actually have a partner to cheat with, for the most part society has assumed that it has always been a single women that was lied to by a man that merely never mentioned that he was married or supposed to be in an a monogamous relationsh
ip in the first place.

While I don’t think that there could ever be an accurate survey conducted to show the exact proportion of women who cheat on their mates as opposed to the men who do, you will probably agree that much more women are involved in the deadly yet sinfully sweet practice of infidelity because of many factors and changes in society that just didn’t exist many years ago.

What might those be?

Well I will pull in a few just off of the top of my head…….

The workplace – Women are more at work and around so many different types of energies on the workplace than they were when they were the stay at home moms whose jobs were to take care of the family and the home twenty four hours seven days per week.

She was so laden down with the tasks of home economics that they were actually the blinders that kept her from being directly approached by a man with an agenda that didn’t include her being faithful to her man.

Social Media Influence – It was so easy back in the days long before social media changed our lives to fall into the happy rut of normalcy in our routine where we accepted the good with the bad and the ugly.

Our lives were just that – OUR LIVES!

If we snapped a few Polaroid pictures, it was tossed in the family album and was there for all who visited which really meant family members and close friends.

Now when we take a photo with our smartphones we have the option of clicking one or two prompts that will give us the option of sending that visual that was taken mere moments before to the entire world and even more strangers!

Not a good situation at all because now with others doing the same we now have a means of comparison to see how others are living and peek into some of the most private areas of their lives to sometimes feel as though we have been shortchanged when we are not living the life of the Facebook friend who is actually a friend OF a friend.

But your curiosity got the best of you and now you realize that you have three men who are strangers complimenting you on how stunning you look. While you might write it off as just a horny man saying this not only to you but to a boatload of other women, he eventually catches you good with his kind words just at the moment that you were feeling down when your husband ignored your attempts at affection and never really noticed how nice you’ve prepared yourself and the home for him to have a special evening when he arrived home from work.

While he needs to get back to the loving treatment that he gave you prior to you both getting together, it still doesn’t make it right when those passionate words from that strange handsome man has caused you to secretly become moistened and aroused at what he might want to do with you in ways that your neglectful husband has never attempted in recent years.

…….this is how trouble begins.

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