Coronavirus in Modern York Metropolis: Makeshift agonize morgue appears in Brooklyn

By | May 8, 2020

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A quick of refrigerated trucks has turned a Brooklyn pier proper into a makeshift agonize morgue as Modern York Metropolis officials try to rep dwelling for a growing selection of our bodies all the plot via the coronavirus outbreak.

The opening of the morgue comes days after dozens of our bodies receive been stumbled on stuffed inner unrefrigerated U-Haul trucks outside a funeral dwelling in a single more phase of the borough.

“We’re making an try to pork up the funeral director community so they don’t receive to urge and inform our bodies; after which they’re struggling with the backlog to derive them buried or the remains cremated,” said Dina Maniotis, the executive of workers at town scientific examiner’s predicament of work, who change into quoted in Gothamist earlier this week.

“There’s not any need for them to effort or for households to effort that the remains will creep to a city cemetery until they particularly question for that option.”

The Statue of Liberty rises in the distance above refrigerated trucks intended for storing corpses that are staged in a lot at the 39th Street pier in Brooklyn. (AP)

The Statue of Liberty rises in the gap above refrigerated trucks meant for storing corpses which will more than possible be staged in rather a lot at the 39th Aspect motorway pier in Brooklyn. (AP)


It is miles rarely clear what number of our bodies are inner the makeshift morgue’s trucks. They’ll remain open between the hours of 8: 30 a.m. and 10: 30 p.m. for funeral directors to inform.

Michael Lanotte, govt director of the Modern York Pronounce Funeral Directors Affiliation, informed Gothamist that can “aid funeral directors by offering them with evening hours for transfers since they spend the overwhelming majority of the daylight hours hours conducting funerals, making preparations and answering calls from households in search of their services and products.”


In early April, a drone captured aerial photos of workers digging trenches to bury our bodies in Modern York Metropolis’s Hart Island.

As of Friday, Modern York negate has suffered 26,079 coronavirus deaths – essentially the most of any negate in the U.S., stati