Cooper & Brackman: Bernie Sanders’ criticism of Israel makes him ultimate candidate for opponents of Jewish insist

By | November 20, 2019

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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who takes to the debate stage Wednesday night with other Democratic presidential hopefuls, lately mentioned: “I am very proud to be Jewish and survey ahead to being the first Jewish president.” But loads of Sanders’ fellow Jewish American citizens don’t survey ahead to what they survey as that provoking likelihood.

Per a Morning Consult ballot launched in Might per chance per chance also, simplest 11 p.c of Jewish Democrats supported Sanders. One cause for this low stage of Jewish toughen is Sanders’ file of strongly opposing many Israeli actions and polices, alongside with his threats to lower well-known U.S. attend to Israel.

This is blended with Sanders’ failure to desire a stable stand opposing the enviornment upward push of anti-Semitism, alongside with his warmth embrace of anti-Semites and forces hostile to Israel right here at residence.


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Sanders’ historical toughen amongst his fellow Jews is a keen contrast to the stable toughen then-Sen. Barack Obama enjoyed from his fellow African-American citizens (about 95 p.c) when he successfully ran and changed into our nation’s first shadowy president. When then-Sen. John F. Kennedy ran and changed into The United States’s first Catholic president he had the toughen of extra than 70 p.c of Catholic voters.

Sanders joined one other Democratic presidential candidates Monday in criticizing the announcement by Secretary of Order Mike Pompeo that the U.S. will no longer put in tips Israel’s West Bank settlements illegal below world regulations – reversing the gap of past U.S. administrations.

“Israeli settlements in occupied territory are illegal,” mentioned Sanders. “This is clear from world regulations and extra than one United Countries resolutions. Yet but again, Mr. Trump is separating the US and undermining diplomacy by pandering to his extremist base.”

Sanders earlier criticized President Trump’s mettlesome and audacious determination to search data from Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and even mentioned he might per chance presumably well well be fascinating to overturn that determination and switch the U.S. Embassy support to Tel Aviv if that will lift just a few peace settlement between Israelis and Palestinians.

Sanders mentioned final month that Israel would want to “fundamentally swap” its policies dealing with the Gaza Strip to continue receiving U.S. attend. This is a neighborhood that will pose a grave threat to Israel can collect to still Sanders turn out to be president.

The Gaza Strip is controlled by the Palestinian terrorist team Hamas and additionally harbors other terrorist groups, collectively with the even extra rude Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Israel captured Gaza in the Six-Day War in 1967, but withdrew in 2005 in a goodwill gesture to promote peace.

As an replacement of residing in peace with Israelis, Palestinians backed by Iran on a frequent foundation use Gaza as a launching pad for rocket attacks into Israeli cities and cities – collectively with an total lot unbiased true prior to now few days.

The Palestinians fill dread tunnels to allow murderers to sneak into Israel to delivery deadly attacks on civilians and kidnap Israelis and withhold them for ransom. And so they withhold weekly demonstrations – in overall placing younger people in damage’s manner – that persistently flip into violent riots and armed attacks on the enviornment border with Israel.

But in Sanders’ warped see that’s disconnected from truth, Israel is at fault for the attacks against it from Palestinians and its other Arab neighbors.

In a blast at Israel final month, Sanders mentioned: “What’s going down in Gaza trusty now might per chance presumably well well be on the total inhumane, it is miles unacceptable, it is miles unsustainable.”

Sanders won’t lisp a unfavourable discover in regards to the terrorist rulers of Gaza or the non-democratic and base Palestinian Authority that governs unparalleled of the West Bank, and rewards imprisoned Palestinian terrorists and the families of silly terrorists with monthly funds for murdering Jewish Israeli civilians.

Fancy too many other modern leaders sooner or later of the enviornment, Sanders lowers the insist on Israelis while silently patronizing Palestinians adore teens who don’t wish to desire duty for “performing out” – even when the Palestinians commit horrific murders.

Sanders seeks to use his collect household’s history of fleeing anti-Semitism in Jap Europe as armor to present protection to him from criticism. Then again it doesn’t work.

For the hundreds of years anti-Semitism has existed, anti-Semites collect blamed Jews for being accountable for upsetting Jew-hatred – unbiased true as Sanders does currently with regards to the Holy Land. The incontrovertible truth that a Jew embraces these harmful views makes them no much less acceptable than if expressed by somebody of 1 other faith.

Sanders absurdly equates anti-Semitism with “white supremacist politics,” a abnormal and historically mistaken claim – ignoring anti-Semitism by the left, amongst African-American citizens and Muslims.

The senator from Vermont hasn’t equipped one discover of criticism of the organizers of the Girls’s March that changed into once held the day after President Trump changed into once inaugurated to drawl the unusual president. The drawl morphed into an anti-Semitic platform by key leaders who claimed Jews in frequent toughen white supremacy and that the Jewish insist of Israel is racist.

This ended in protests from many modern Jewish women folks who had been compelled to withdraw from the Girls’s March, but we heard no longer a survey from Sanders. Why?

The leader of the Girls’s March – infamous anti-Semite Linda Sarsour – is a stable supporter of Sanders and is working to attend him purchase the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders has additionally been urged by anti-Semitic Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. Sanders has defended each Muslim congresswomen and now might per chance presumably well well be campaigning tough to purchase the toughen of American Muslims for his presidential interpret, collectively with individuals who collect expressed hostility to Israel.

Voters who retract to develop damage to the Jewish insist couldn’t fetch a higher candidate than Sanders.

Omar has falsely claimed that U.S. elected officers simplest toughen Israel to collect Jewish advertising and marketing campaign contributions, echoing the insidious anti-Semitic trope that affluent Jews originate a secret and mistaken cabal controlling governments.

Tlaib has questioned the loyalty of Jewish American citizens to the U.S. because they additionally wish to survey Israel continue to exist and prosper as a Jewish insist. She and other anti-Semites ignore the incontrovertible truth that Israel has been a staunch American ally since the advent of the contemporary insist in 1948 and that The United States and Israel fragment overall values.

On top of all this, Sanders equates the “sober facts of The United States’s collect founding” – in which he blueprint crimes against Native American citizens and the horrific enslavement of Africans – with the ingathering of Jews from sooner or later of the enviornment to reestablish the frail Jewish space of delivery of Israel as a up to the moment insist.

Removed from being “colonizers,” the Jewish people collect miraculously succeeded in reconstituting Jewish lifestyles in the Holy Land that dates support over 3,000 years. This changed into once long before the founding of Islam before the entirety of the Seventh century.

Israel has sought from its founding to are residing in peace with its Araba neighbors, but changed into once attacked by five Arab armies that defied the United Countries and invaded the nascent Jewish insist to murder it in 1948. It changed into once attacked again in subsequent wars and since then by terrorists, and has had no replacement but to defend itself.


Whereas Sanders now requires that U.S. militia attend to Israel be leveraged to power the Jewish insist to pursue policies in “the occupied Palestinian territories” to his liking, he makes no such demand on every other American allies whose human rights policies deserve a ways harsher criticism. Why the double frequent? Expediency or ideology?

The Jewish persons are currently dealing with a tsunami of anti-Semitism sooner or later of the enviornment no longer considered since Nazi leader Adolf Hitler murdered 6 million Jews in the Holocaust in an effort wipe Jews off the face of the Earth.

Jewish establishments – collectively with our synagogues right here in the U.S. – are below assault, and collect had to desire unprecedented security measures to present protection to harmless males, women folks and children from being murdered by anti-Semites.


As the multi-headed hydra of Jew-hatred – collectively with neo-Nazis, other white supremacists, Islamist extremists, and a ways-left ideologues – threaten Jews, American Jews look leaders who will reconstruct the outdated bipartisan alliance against anti-Semitism.

Despite his collect Jewish heritage and the terrifying deaths of individuals of his collect household who had been amongst the 6 million who perished in the Holocaust, Sen. Sanders has confirmed us he’s no longer prepared to guide The United States in the fight against anti-Semitism currently.


Dr. Harold Brackman, a historian is a specialist to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

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