Charting a route for hubris

By | May 5, 2020

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On the roster: Charting a route for hubris – Trump heads to swing convey Arizona for virus pitch – Fauci to testify earlier than Senate but no longer Rental – Biden appears to be like to be to tout 2009 recovery – Like you requested the rooster if it desires a lollipop?


The right kind human response within the presence of the superior energy of nature is humility.

Stand gasping for air on the foot of a thundering waterfall or stumble on to the perimeter of the horizon on the deep blue Pacific, and you are made tiny to with regards to an atomic level.

And yet, in our recent grappling with nature at its most devastating, many American citizens – completely those within the political class – seem something else but humbled.

With out reference to our wondrous medical technology and stupefying wealth, this virus fills mass graves and crushes the breath from the lungs of its victims rich and heart-broken within the route of the continent. A threat that we had no longer even known of six months ago is killing thousands of people every single day, has devastated our economy and changed the reach each American lives.

For all of our energy, nature finds our weaknesses and brings us to our knees. The account of our species is one in all rising repeatedly again, but earlier than we upward thrust, comes the recognition of the superior energy of this planet.

How outstanding, then, to hear the certitude of leaders who web already been badly incorrect about the nature of the threat and the manner to tackle it. The identical those that two months ago made presumptions which had been proved wildly, tragically substandard now act as if the identical science and technology that failed them earlier than is again infallible.

You might maybe’t blame of us for being substandard about something at this time-transferring, gruesome and recent. There shall be time to peek who failed in their duties, particularly those officers tasked with maintaining us and equipping us for pure mess ups treasure these. Nonetheless as far as recriminations for no longer seeing the storm drawing close, we can all set a portion of the blame.

Nonetheless while you occur to just procure blame for no longer foreseeing the recent disaster, you wish to also mood your claims to foreknowledge of what occurs subsequent. So, politicians as an different stare to quandary blame on others so as that they can continue to explore energy and political profit unabated.

The backdrop for week eight of the nationwide coronavirus emergency is the truth that the preference of deaths is going to amplify because the nation begins reopening. These painful picks are no longer the accept as true with of issues that politicians treasure to discuss. They’re extra treasure Miller Lite adverts: Tastes unprecedented and less filling. Extra spending and decrease taxes. Cheap goods and high tariffs. And on and on…

The controversy products and services on, fittingly for Washington, charts and graphs.

Some charts dispute that the preference of anticipated deaths is going to roughly double. These are the charts President Trump prefers. Losing 135,000 people in roughly five months sounds gruesome, but these charts also shriek that the preference of fatalities will drop sharply over the summer season and be all of the manner down to double digits by the autumn.

Completely different charts dispute that the poke of an infection is poised for a massive amplify and that a 2d wave of the virus shall be important extra devastating than the important. These are the charts that Democratic leaders appear to set. Such dire warnings coincide with their criticisms of the tentative re-opening of the economy already underway.

There are loads and important of alternative charts that project every thing from apocalyptic devastation and the tip of The US to, it appears to be like to be, the “rocking” summer season foreseen by the president’s son in legislation.

We heard an interview one in all the scientists who helped procure one in all the most licensed charts talking about what would occur subsequent. He mighty that “the mannequin says” infections and deaths will enact such etc this date and that date.

Nonetheless the mannequin – the equation that produces the chart – doesn’t dispute something else at all. The chart doesn’t survey the long term any bigger than a calculator knows the manner to resolve math considerations. For of us that build in substandard or incomplete numbers, it’s no longer the fault of the calculator for getting it substandard.

This reminds us of when some monumental, old skool steamer trunk of a bill will get plopped down in Congress and the center-broken of us on the Congressional Finances Effect of enterprise earn to ciphering. The shaggy dog account is that Congress itself will get to design the mathematical principles and the parameters for the reach to guess at what market responses shall be.

Then the ciphers near reduction with a extraordinarily concrete-sounding number about how important this can just price, what this can just enact to the economy, how many of us will elevate in which behaviors, and quite lots of others. And it is, obviously, poppycock. They cipher proper for the sake of avoiding pale principles that dispute what had been once judicious up to the moment, extremely scientific suggestions of economics (har, har) desires to be historical after which the results are summarily neglected.

The charts procure them feel better, despite the incontrovertible truth that. The charts and the fashions and the pseudo-science turn them from leaders making decisions on a prudential basis – leaders who shall be held accountable for their picks – into mere infographic interpreters.

Our flesh pressers treasure to shriek that they can “put collectively the science,” but science does no longer lead us. It might manual our decisions, generally wrongly and usually rightly, generally clearly and usually opaquely. It might present recordsdata from which we can procure guesses about the just applications of action, but it definitely is no longer a lab-coated Pythia telling us the long term.

Accordingly, rather of humility from our leaders desires to be our due.


“There’ll even be no question that the continuance of the Union under an atmosphere pleasant government would build it in our energy, at a duration no longer very distant, to create a navy which, if it would perchance maybe no longer vie with those of the unprecedented maritime powers, would no no longer up to be of official weight if thrown into the scale of either of two contending events.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 11


Recent Yorker: “Half a century ago, earlier than ‘Sesame Aspect highway,’ and long earlier than the age of quarantine, younger people under the age of six spent a crazy duration of time indoors, watching tv, a bleary-eyed common of fifty-four hours a week. In 1965, the year the Johnson Administration based mostly Head Commence, Lloyd Morrisett, a vice-president of the Carnegie Company with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Yale, got up one Sunday morning, at about six-thirty, a half of hour earlier than the networks started their day’s programming, to search out his three-year-pale daughter, Sarah, mendacity on the living-room floor in her red footie pajamas, watching the test sample. … No longer important later, Morrisett fell proper into a dinner-celebration dialog with Joan Ganz Cooney, a public-affairs producer at Recent York’s Channel 13. … At that dinner celebration, Cooney and Morrisett got to talking about whether or no longer public-minded tv would perchance maybe just be ready to educate younger younger people. … Educational tv for preschoolers regarded as if it will resolve two considerations straight away: the shortage of preschools and the abundance of televisions.”

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Moderate approval:  45 percent

Moderate disapproval: 49.8 percent

Earn Salvage:  -4.8 sides

Alternate from one week ago:  ↓ 1.6 sides

[Average includes: PRRI: 43% approve – 54% disapprove; IBD: 44% approve – 44% disapprove; Gallup: 49% approve – 47% disapprove; USA Today/Suffolk University: 43% approve – 53% disapprove; NBC News/WSJ: 46% approve – 51% disapprove.]  


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Arizona Republic: “President Donald Trump [touched] down in Phoenix unhurried Tuesday morning, ending his confinement on the White Rental… Trump’s commute to Phoenix will highlight Honeywell Global, a North Carolina-based mostly mostly aerospace defense contractor that’s producing tens of millions of N95 respirator masks for the U.S. Division of Well being and Human Companies to augment health, security and emergency crew. … Additionally at Honeywell, Trump is design to participate in a roundtable discussion about the manner to augment Native American citizens within the route of the disaster. … No marketing campaign events are scheduled, his Arizona team confirmed. The president’s at this time commute to Arizona became once organized after his aides reportedly supplied him with interior polling that showed him lagging within the reduction of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in key battleground states. … Ronna McDaniel … acknowledged the commute is intended to sign the president’s efforts to highlight correct work accomplished by American corporations and to reiterate the must always bring manufacturing jobs reduction to the USA.”

Goodbye KAG, welcome reduction MAGA – WashEx: “President Trump is bringing reduction ‘Create The US Large Again’ as a marketing campaign rallying shout because the coronavirus upends plans to poke for reelection on the energy of a roaring economy. The Trump marketing campaign is investing ‘mid-seven figures’ to poke a brand recent tv advertisement on broadcast and cable tv networks within the route of the nation. The ad touts video clips and Trump’s phrases to promote his administration of the pandemic and qualifications for guiding the recovery of the economy. The one-minute station never mentions ‘Capture The US Large,’ the reelection slogan Trump unveiled within the route of his marketing campaign kickoff rally last June in Orlando. … The advertisement first aired on Sunday, six months earlier than Election Day, amid mounting deaths and job losses attributable to the coronavirus.”

Astronomical government Republics web their 2d – NYT: “Questions over whether or no longer the government must always play a extra active position in maintaining American citizens from global shocks treasure the coronavirus pandemic web exposed a widening divide within the Republican Social gathering over whether or no longer the tiny-government, free-market label of conservatism on the center of its agenda — and a top precedence of its greatest donors — is out of step with the instances. The controversy traces one of the essential essential identical ideological fault traces that poke throughout the celebration over President Trump’s financial and replace insurance policies, which excite a lot of the voters who’re drawn to his nationalist appeals but fear the celebration’s extra veteran, professional-industry hover. In a single in all basically the most ambitious proposals from this neighborhood of up to the moment nationalists who’re no longer easy a technology of Republican orthodoxy, Congress would mandate that definite merchandise deemed very crucial to the nationwide passion … are manufactured within the USA.”

Ballotfinds massive resistance to reopening – WaPo: “American citizens clearly oppose the reopening of moving locations, retail retail outlets and other agencies, even as governors initiate to set restrictions which web saved the economy locked down so as to fight the coronavirus pandemic, in accordance with a Washington Submit-College of Maryland poll. The opposition expressed by monumental majorities of American citizens reflects other cautions and considerations revealed within the stumble on, including continuing fears amongst most those that they would maybe turn out to be infected by the coronavirus, as successfully as a perception that the worst of the medical disaster is no longer yet over. … Many American citizens had been making journeys to grocery retail outlets and 56 percent dispute they’re happy doing so. Nonetheless 67 percent dispute they would maybe be miserable browsing at a retail garments retailer, and 78 percent would perchance maybe be miserable moving at a sit down-down restaurant. Folk in states with looser restrictions file identical stages of discomfort as those in states with stricter principles.”

Trump vows daily briefings will return – NY Submit: “President Trump acknowledged Monday that ‘all people’ enjoyed his White Rental coronavirus briefings — including himself — and vowed they’re going to most likely be reduction, proper no longer daily. In an Oval Effect of enterprise interview with The Submit within the route of which he predicted a convincing financial rebound from the coronavirus disaster by the tip of the year, and supplied his opinions on presumptive Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s easiest set for a working mate and the intercourse assault allegations dealing with the used vp, Trump acknowledged the briefings had been must always-survey TV. And he credited his frequent clashes with newshounds for making enticing suppose. … Trump, who ended the daily briefings last week, acknowledged there would continue to be one or two a week as he pivots from disaster administration to reopening the economy. He acknowledged his recent White Rental press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, would perchance maybe be conserving court at some of those sessions.”


NPR: “Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Hypersensitive reaction and Infectious Ailments, shall be half of Amenities for Disease Capture an eye on and Prevention Director Robert Redfield and other administration representatives in testifying earlier than a Senate committee on Might well also 12. The announcement comes as participants of President Trump’s coronavirus process force are being requested to restrict their appearances on Capitol Hill regardless of ongoing calls from lawmakers for extra oversight into the administration’s coronavirus response. Excellent week, the Trump administration blocked Fauci from appearing earlier than a Rental committee in the case of spending on coronavirus attempting out. President Trump advised newshounds Tuesday that he doesn’t need the officers appearing earlier than Rental Democrats. ‘The Rental is a setup,’ Trump acknowledged. ‘The Rental is a bunch of Trump haters.’ White Rental officers gave a less adversarial explanation when justifying the decision to restrict process force testimony in a memo to top congressional aides.”

Dems ‘think monumental’ on subsequent bailout – Politico: “High Rental Democrats on Monday signaled they’re forging ahead with the subsequent sweeping coronavirus reduction kit, aiming to amplify the tension on GOP leaders who web rejected Democratic priorities in earlier again bills. On a non-public name with participants Monday afternoon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her deputies sketched the outline of a trillion-dollar-plus kit that would perchance maybe elevate again to convey and local governments — some on the level of public provider cuts — while shoring up security-win applications for the nation’s most vulnerable. ‘We’ve to think monumental,’ Pelosi (D-Calif.) advised her participants several instances on the name. Pelosi is pushing committee chairs to finalize their parts by close of industry Monday with hopes of pulling collectively a final kit by week’s cease, in accordance with extra than one Democratic lawmakers and aides. The bill would perchance maybe reach the bottom for a vote as at this time as subsequent week, despite the incontrovertible truth that several top Democrats are skeptical of that timeline given the scope of the legislation and uncertainty over when Rental participants will return to Washington.”

McCarthy disses McConnell on refusing preferential test therapy – Politico: “Rental Minority Chief Kevin McCarthy acknowledged Monday he disagreed with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Chief Mitch McConnell’s decision to decline the Trump administration’s offer to procure Congress with at this time-results coronavirus attempting out. ‘I enact think it would perchance maybe be excessive to web the attempting out here on account of there shall be a flare-up. Endure in suggestions how many of us from other sides of the nation almost about this quandary,’ McCarthy (R-Calif.) advised POLITICO Playbook authors Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer in a digital interview. Nonetheless Senate Minority Chief Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who has castigated McConnell for bringing reduction the Senate with out a extra obvious focal level on the coronavirus, acknowledged he agreed with the decision. The Recent Yorker also got in a jab at McConnell, who in his assertion with Pelosi acknowledged those tests would perchance maybe be better fitted to frontline crew.”


NYT: “Staunch throughout the 2008 marketing campaign, Barack Obama had assured Mr. Biden that he would perchance maybe be consulted on each important decision. … So, within the route of a non-public lunch in February 2009, Mr. Biden slid a memo within the route of the table to Mr. Obama, outlining a position to erase those doubts: quarterbacking the implementation of the $787 billion financial stimulus that had been rammed through Congress a couple of days earlier within the depths of recession. … Because it grew to turn out to be out, Mr. Biden’s work on the rollout, implementation, oversight and promoting of the 2009 stimulus — formally the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — became once basically the most sustained, and likely basically the foremost, assignment of his time as an different of labor. Eleven years later, in an election season outlined by pandemic, financial crumple and a a lot-increased reduction kit, Mr. Biden’s marketing campaign is hoping to leverage his stewardship of the 2009 stimulus as a level of distinction with President Trump…”

Astronomical money donors flock to Biden – Forbes: “As the coronavirus pandemic took set of The US, a anecdote preference of billionaires backed Joe Biden, striking him earlier than Donald Trump in the case of toughen from The US’s wealthiest. Thirty-two billionaires and their spouses backed Biden in March versus 14 who gave to President Trump that identical month. Altogether 94 billionaires web now donated to Biden versus 90 who web given to Trump since he started fundraising in 2017. Biden has the momentum. The used vp received contributions from 27 billionaires or their spouses for the important time in March; contributions from 13 of them came after Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a nationwide emergency on March 13, in accordance with the Federal Election Price filings. Some of Biden’s recent billionaire backers had beforehand supported other Democratic candidates.”

Hillary headlining top-dollar fundraiser for Biden – Fox Records: “Excellent month, Hillary Clinton counseled Joe Biden. This month, she’s serving to elevate money for the used vp and presumptive Democratic 2020 nominee. Clinton – the used first lady, senator from Recent York, secretary of convey within the route of used President Obama’s first term, and the Democratic Social gathering’s 2016 presidential nominee – is scheduled to appear at a digital fundraiser for Biden on Might well also 19. She shall be joined by Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Tom Perez. Note of the tournament became once first reported by Politico, and confirmed by Fox Records. Primarily based on an invite, donors collaborating within the fundraiser can contribute at extra than one stages ranging from $2,800 up to $100,000. A identical digital fundraiser for the Biden Victory Fund — headlined by California Gov. Gavin Newsom and 2008 Obama marketing campaign supervisor David Plouffe — is being held this week.”

Warren: Biden’s response to Tara Reade claims ‘credible and convincing’ – Fox Records: “Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., doubled down on her toughen for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Monday regardless of allegations that he sexually assaulted a staffer when he became once a senator. ‘I treasure the studies of what Trip away out [Tara] Reade acknowledged. I observed the interview with Vice President Biden,’ Warren acknowledged, referring to Biden’s appearances on MSNBC… ‘I treasure that the vp took a host of questions, grand questions,’ Warren acknowledged on Monday, including that Biden has faced the allegations ‘at once and respectfully.’ ‘I toughen the vp, I toughen his marketing campaign, and I am proud to endorse him for president,’ she acknowledged. A used opponent on the selling campaign toddle, Warren would perchance maybe just be on the fast listing of Biden’s picks for vp, despite the incontrovertible truth that he’s no longer going to squawk his working mate until July.” 

Biden launches ‘Sincerely, Joe Biden’ letter sequence – The Hill: “Dilapidated Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential marketing campaign launched a brand recent digital sequence featuring the presumptive Democratic nominee’s response to letters received from supporters. The sequence, called ‘Sincerely, Joe Biden,’ will even encompass supporters’ letters to the used vp. ‘I received your message and treasure you sharing your account within the route of this anxious time in our history,’ Biden wrote to at least one supporter in a letter released first to CNN. ‘Gallant, hardworking American citizens inspire me every single day to work to procure certain families and crew are earn as we survey our reach throughout the worst public health disaster our nation has faced in generations.’ The letter sequence appears to be like to be to be an effort to clarify Biden’s compassionate and empathetic aspect, which he’s in general lauded for by supporters.”

Biden marketing campaign publicizes union contract with staffers – Fox Records: “In a first for a important celebration’s presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s marketing campaign on Monday launched a collective bargaining agreement with its staffers in a tackle Teamsters Local 238, an Iowa-based mostly mostly chapter of the grand labor union. The contract fashions up six-day work weeks for Biden marketing campaign field organizers, establishes a $15 per hour minimum wage and mandates that crew are paid extra time if they work bigger than 40 hours in a given week. Additionally, field organizers will earn medical and vision protection financed entirely by the selling campaign. Primarily based on a joint assertion released by the Biden marketing campaign and Teamsters Local 238, the terms of the agreement will amplify field organizers’ wages by about $1,900 on an annual basis.”


Fox Records: “Nicolás Maduro, the embattled chief of Venezuela, acknowledged Monday that authorities in Caracas captured 13 ‘terrorists’ – including two U.S. voters – in a failed invasion strive that he acknowledged became once no question orchestrated by the Trump administration. In a nationwide broadcast appearance on convey tv, Maduro held up two U.S. passports that he acknowledged had been recovered within the route of the tried raid. He learn off the names and birthdays of the 2 American citizens. ‘They had been taking half in Rambo,’ he acknowledged, in accordance with The Guardian. ‘They had been taking half in hero.’ The 2 U.S. voters had been is named Luke Denman and Airan Berry, both used U.S. special forces infantrymen. Video emerged that purported to clarify Venezuelan authorities with their captives lined up at a seaside marina. Maduro acknowledged the U.S. government is ‘entirely and entirely mad by this defeated raid,’ The Linked Press reported. He praised voters from a fishing neighborhood for cornering one in all the groups he described as ‘professional American mercenaries.’”


Senior FEMA chief publicizes departure amid coronavirus efforts – WSJ


“We can’t telecommute to fight. Our troops must always be ready to head.” – Gen. James McConville, chief of crew of the Navy, talking to the WSJ about how the Navy is continuous with coaching and preparations for sending troops in one other nation however the exercise of precautions treasure masks and social distancing.


“I if truth be told web a ask regarding the recent discuss a ‘bailout’ for the states whose budgets had been blown by the pandemic. McConnell is asserting he does no longer intend to accept as true with in suggestions a bailout to convey and local governments within the Senate, a quandary I occur to accept as true with. Alternatively, I also occur to accept as true with the perspective shared on this letter beforehand on many events, that we’ve accomplished a disservice to our republic by taking into account the in vogue election of Senators as an different of allowing them to be chosen by the convey legislatures because the founders intended.  Is that this no longer a correct example of why that transfer became once a mistake? While I enact no longer align with this particular initiative on the half of (basically) the Democratic Social gathering, is it no longer dazzling to shriek that having Senators accountable to their states, as an different of the populace, would perchance maybe just need changed the dynamic rather, and likely facilitated both sides of the legislative branch being ready to work collectively to compromise between their respective ‘stakeholders?’ I continue to abilities the file daily, and the total correct work you both enact to bring a ray of sunshine into my afternoon.” – Matthew Caster, Dayton, Texas

[Ed. note: Holy smokes, Mr. Caster! I hadn’t even thought of that one, but you’re exactly right. The design for our Congress wasn’t to have the same constituency represented in two different ways, but rather to have two different constituencies. We have done great violence to the idea of strong states functioning ably inside a strong centralized government. If we had the Senate of the founders’ design you can be sure that the response would have been MUCH more federalistic, with resources going to states for disbursement rather than Washington scattershot or outsourcing the work to national banks. Senators would have insisted. Thanks for pointing out!]

“Your Bleachers solution in which you outlined Potomac Fever became once one in all the funniest issues I if truth be told web learn in a actually long time. As an extended-ago junior Senate staffer, I found your description of crew duties hilarious, and I became once a staffer earlier than cellphones, no longer to mention neat telephones. Then I got to your last sentence (regarding fundraising) and nearly fell out of my chair. I got three fundraising calls from politicians or their campaigns proper on the present time. Support the unprecedented work.” – Steve Arthur, Woodland Park, Colo.

[Ed. note: I’m glad it rang true, Mr. Arthur. I think of Congress as the most elaborate live action role playing game in America. It’s like a Renaissance fair but where the goal isn’t to give guys an excuse to wear stretchy pants while eating turkey legs but rather to protect the fragile egos of institutionalized members.]

“You’ve continually opined on the shortcomings of convey important elections. Likely you would possibly perchance well likely outline – here on or your podcast with Dana – how events chose candidates within the ‘correct, pale days’ of correct nominating conventions. Or how they would maybe work in future.” – Chris Gross sales, Citadel Collins, Colo.

[Ed. note: Let’s say you wanted to be the next governor of Colorado. You presumably would have come to this conclusion after years of civic involvement, political and apolitical, in your neighborhood, your city and Larimer County. And if you think you’re ready for a run for statewide office, presumably your business, civic and personal activities and relationships have made you a man of good reputation not just there in the Front Range but in all four corners of Colorado. Your effort would start by recruiting supporters in your party from all 64 counties. You need these folks to turn up first at precinct-level meetings that choose delegates to the county convention. Those delegates won’t just be voting on your nomination. They’ll be considering candidates for every post at each respective level. At the county level, they nominate candidates for commissioner etc. but also choose the delegates to go on to the congressional district level. There, conventions would pick House candidates and set their final slates of delegates for the state convention. Now, you might or might not be a delegate from the 2nd Congressional District, but if you have a chance at the nomination, we can assume that your home district is well salted with your obvious supporters. When everyone gets together, the nose counting gets intense. But there will still be lots of delegates who are uncommitted. They were chosen because of a local issue or their interest is in another race. Now you and your team have to get busy convincing them that you’re the guy. They have to convince their fellow party members that not only will you win in the fall against the other side but that you’re reliable, responsive to their concerns and a solid citizen. The delegates, maybe a few hundred folks, then get to voting. It might go to you on the first ballot since you are the beloved, accomplished son of the Centennial State or you might have to grind it out over multiple ballots, cutting side deals, promising cabinet posts and policy tweaks to move blocs of delegates. Either way, it is followed by much hurrahing and toasting with ardent beverages before everyone heads home to get ready for the main event, the general election. Note here that the government was never involved. Taxpayers were never inconvenienced. Note also that everyone who voted for you not only would have met you, but would have probably known you, by reputation at least, for years and years. It’s true that strong parties can produce corruption when they become closed off and gangs rule, but with safeguards in place against graft, patronage, etc. I daresay it would be an improvement against the demagogic orgies of negative partisanship and ideological extremism that these absurd primaries have become. And congratulations, Mr. Governor-elect!]

“I am drained of the incessant outrage expressed at Shake Shack and other huge corporations who received loans throughout the usual Payroll Protection Program. If Congress and/or Treasury had intended this system to put collectively easiest to smaller corporations, definitely they can web written that into the legislation.  If fault is to be assigned, it will toddle to those that wrote and administered the bill. I remain unclear whether or no longer the drafters had been merely incompetent or if truth be told intended this system to be originate to huge but then didn’t web the courage to says so within the face of public criticism.” – Matt Lincoln, Portola Valley, Calif.

[Ed. note: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever trust a politician not to take political advantage. Assume it will happen and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when they don’t. Banks did not asked to be the agents of the federal government in disbursing relief funds. Bankers warned that the rules were too vague and the system too poorly designed. C’mon, said the bipartisan response, we really need you and nobody will hold the mistakes against you. The same went for larger employers. When it became obvious that many workers would miss out on the intended benefits of the payroll subsidies because they were employees of franchised companies, Congress changed the bill to allow hotel and restaurant chains to participate. Are you sure, the larger employers asked. Absolutely, came the reply. It’s right there in black and white in the letter of the law. *snort* By the way, what do you think would have happened if those banks and employers would have refused? What if banks had said they would distribute no subsidies or hotel chains said they would rather fire their workers than be in the program? It doesn’t matter which direction the pitchforks are pointed, a good politician knows how to stay on the right side of the tines.]

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AP: “Police are shopping for an ‘aggressive rooster’ accused of enticing in bird play at an Louisiana financial institution. The Walker Police Division responded to a complaint about the brazen animal Friday, the agency acknowledged in a social media post over the weekend. Witnesses advised police the rooster had been spotted on the financial institution extra than one instances last week, drawing close patrons on the ATM, chasing prospects and even attempting to climb into autos within the force-thru, in accordance with the division’s post. Officers acknowledged officers responded to the financial institution inside of a couple of minutes of the name, but found the pesky poultry had already escaped. The suspect remains on the loose and police informed residents to lead obvious of confronting the animal, and as an different demand lend a hand.”


“A standardized math test became once given to 13-year-olds in six countries last year. … Moreover being confirmed triangles and equations, the younger people had been confirmed the assertion ‘I am correct at arithmetic.’ Koreans came last on this class. Finest 23% answered constructive. American citizens had been No. 1, with an outstanding 68% in agreement.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writing in Time magazine on Feb. 5, 1990.

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