Bret Baier on Bernie Sanders falling by the wayside: There remains to be a ‘substantial bother’ for Democrats

By | April 8, 2020

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After Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders suspended his 2020 presidential marketing campaign on Wednesday, the distress for the Democratic Celebration now is that Sanders’ supporters would possibly perchance doubtless perchance additionally not totally support aged Vice President Joe Biden, “Special File” host Bret Baier acknowledged.

In an interview on “Outnumbered” with hosts Melissa Francis and Harris Faulkner, Baier acknowledged that he conception Sanders’ feedback in withdrawing from the fling were “interesting” and infamous that, though he would make stronger Biden’s direction in direction of the nomination, his grassroots circulate isn’t over and that they’d proceed to push for additional progressive insurance policies with the delegates he has already got to this level.


“And he’ll be on the ballots going forward,” Baier infamous. “So, any delegates he gets will nonetheless be in the pot and he’ll suppose those as negotiating instruments to impress policy with the Democratic Conference.”

“I mediate it be interesting. I mediate he’s saying Joe Biden is going to be the nominee and he’ll work with him, however he needs to comprehend that the progressive insurance policies will drive the day,” he acknowledged.

Moreover, Baier acknowledged that he believes Sanders’ announcement will act as a catalyzing agent to plot out aged President Barack Obama’s supporters to elevate the event together in the support of Biden.

“It would possibly perchance maybe doubtless perchance additionally not be till the summer season, however it does initiate the door for that. Because, desperately, Joe Biden needs to fetch those progressive voters on his aspect if he’ll be triumphant in success going forward in opposition to President Trump,” he mused.

Francis asked Baier what occurs subsequent for Biden at the 2d, between this week and the neutral not too prolonged previously rescheduled Democratic National Conference in Milwaukee.

“Properly, I mediate he’s attempting to wreck via. He’s attempting to wreck via in this present ambiance, in the coronavirus marketing campaign of 2020,” he spoke back, adding that he believed Biden’s intentions will more than likely be extra local interviews and fundraising to assign shut a examine to “coalesce the event.”


“There would possibly perchance be a real substantial bother in the Democratic Celebration that the Bernie Sanders of us, the circulate, would not rate on totally to Joe Biden. And it be evident in polls. But I mediate that is their subject: to rob the event all together heading into Milwaukee both bodily or digitally,” he concluded. “No doubt one of many 2.”