Apparel firm’s T-shirt idea by accident earns over $86G (and counting) for coronavirus reduction

By | April 9, 2020

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Irregular: The unintentional coronavirus fundraiser that raised over 85okay

Irregular: How one firm’s co-founder helped comprise hundreds of bucks for coronavirus reduction. Geoff Cunningham is co-founder and art director of Linksoul, a common of living model that sells a diversity of golf merchandise. Fox News spoke to him about his graphic obtain and the scheme it reworked into a a hit COVID-19 fundraiser.

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Countries throughout the globe are working to “flatten the curve” by scheme of newly reported cases of coronavirus. But one firm’s interesting interpretation of the usual phrase has unwittingly led to a enormous COVID-19 reduction fundraiser.

Geoff Cunningham is co-founder and art director of Linksoul, a common of living model that sells a diversity of golf merchandise. Bask in most alternate owners, he published to Fox News that he change into once feeling down and out due to lost alternate and having to furlough beloved workers. He even snapped at his social media supervisor, Lauren, when she asked him how could presumably per chance possess to Linksoul acknowledge to the sphere occasions.


“I snipped at her and talked about, ‘No one cares what we possess to divulge,’” Cunningham told Fox News. “But she knows me better and replied [saying] ‘creativity goes to obtain us at some stage in this,’ and that resonated with me.”

As a potential to resolve out how his firm could develop into involved, Cunningham created a golf-impressed graphic, writing “this calls for the low stinger,” relating to a low-arching shot. He added a hashtag to the shirts learning #FlattenTheCurve, in an effort to succor folks to flatten the coronavirus curve.


“The visual straight popped into my head of a low stinger,” explained Cunningham. “A golf shot that specializes in keeping your ball flight low and safe from the parts, and you also can perceive the arc of the shot visually within the graph that we’re all extinct to seeing on knocking down the curve.”


The Linksoul co-founder’s graphic obtain change into once posted on Instagram and the feedback, as Cunningham described it, change into once “completely bonkers.”

Cunningham told Fox News that he obtained countless requests to position the graphic on a T-shirt, so he did, but took it a step additional: The firm, which already makes a diversity of graphic tees, determined to step up manufacturing and donate 100 percent of the shirt’s sales to the Heart for Pain Philanthropy (CDP) to serve with COVID-19 reduction.

In step with its online page online, the CDP assists our nation’s most inclined populations in instances of catastrophe, including hourly wage earners, immigrant populations, older adults and folks with disabilities.

On the publication of this article, Cunningham’s T-shirt had already raised $86,100 for COVID-19 reduction.


“It’s fair, Lauren change into once correct,” talked about Cunningham. “Creativity and seeing things in a brand fresh gentle is the truth is going to obtain us by this.”

Emily DeCiccio is a reporter and video producer for Fox News Digital Originals. Tweet her @EmilyDeCiccio.