Washington declare coronavirus survivor’s message to public: Don’t apprehension, decide just precautions

By | March 14, 2020

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Seattle resident Elizabeth Schneider figured out handiest recently she had come down with the coronavirus identified as COVID-19, after sending a test sample out for evaluation.

Schneider advised “Bill Hemmer Stories” that in gradual February, she started feeling ill after attending a occasion with some mates.

Her temperature spiked to 103 levels Fahrenheit, though she did no longer in actual fact feel the respiratory indicators many affiliate with the virus.


Schneider advised Hemmer that the virus is pertaining to due to the its novelty and lack of medication, however that many American citizens who’re stricken with it will turn out smart, as she has.

“I occupy my finest message and to determine on home for all individuals is please don’t apprehension,” she said. “Certain, right here is an outbreak that is rather novel to the scene in phrases of infections in humans, however if you happen to will more than likely be fancy myself and are very young and likewise you do now not occupy any underlying health circumstances, you ought to occupy milder indicators and likewise you ought to be in a predicament to come relief out the other aspect — I’m living proof of that.”

Schneider said these that suspect they occupy got or were recognized with the virus ought to isolate themselves and end at home.


“There are other folks in our neighborhood that are getting very extreme indicators from this virus and they may maybe possibly possibly threaten their existence,” she said. “[But] I would fancy to say all individuals, please don’t apprehension.”

Schneider said that, by the time the assessments confirmed she had the virus — on March 7 — she had already largely recovered, and worthy she felt smart when speaking with Hemmer gradual Friday.

“I had the total related earlier indicators that it is possible you’ll possibly possibly maybe possibly ask from a nasty flu — I had body aches, I had fatigue, I had a headache. I turned into in actual fact drained. I did occupy nausea in the end,” she said. “However I honestly didn’t suspect it turned into the coronavirus.”