Tucker Carlson: Why the Roger Stone case should peaceful horrify you, whether or no longer you’re Republican or Democrat

By | February 14, 2020

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The United States is a big country precisely to the extent that it be a ultimate country. Fairness is a principal American notion. It be the foundation of all others and equality earlier than the legislation is the purest expression of it.

That is why the Roger Stone case should horrify anybody who has adopted it. Left or appropriate, Republican or Democrat, it just isn’t for dawdle principal.


Nine years in jail for lying — that is what prosecutors get demanded that Roger Stone obtain. How disproportionate is that sentence? Let’s build it this technique: James Clapper and John Brennan are both confirmed perjurers. They did it in public. They would even impartial no longer ever be prosecuted. At this 2nd, they’re getting rich on television.

Meanwhile, for the crime of sending explicit sexual photos to a baby, a excessive criminal, mature Congressman Anthony Weiner acquired excellent 21 months, and he served much less. Weiner used to be an admitted intercourse culprit, but he used to be moreover a discontinuance non-public friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s. And in the discontinue, that is what mattered most. Seek how this works?

Prosecutors desire Roger Stone to inspire nine years no longer because he damage any individual or damage this country. He did no longer. Nonetheless because they hate him. As plan liberals, they hate his politics. Nonetheless above all, they hate his perspective.

Stone made fun of the ruling class. That is rarely any longer allowed, they most steadily by no intention forgot it. They’re looking for to ruin him for it. How unscrupulous are they in pursuit of that perform?

Effectively, prosecutors lied about what Stone did. They linked him to international election interference when he had no tie to that, and it had nothing to discontinue with the prices against him — no longer one part. Then it appears to be like that, they deceived their superiors on the Department of Justice about it. Attorney Regular Bill Barr urged as a lot in an interview Thursday:

William Barr, U.S. attorney customary: I used to be below the affect that what used to be going to happen used to be very a lot, as I had urged, which used to be deferring to the snatch and then pointing at diversified factors and circumstances.On Monday evening, when I first seen the news experiences, I mentioned, “Gee, the news is spinning this. Right here is rarely any longer what we get been going to discontinue.”

Pierre Thomas, ABC News senior justice correspondent: So you get been stunned.

Barr: I used to be very stunned. And once I confirmed that that is for dawdle what we filed, I mentioned that evening to my crew that we had to prepare because we had to discontinue something in the morning to amend that and interpret what our teach used to be.

Now, ensuing from details we now get excellent realized — and it be principal to inquire of yourself why are we excellent discovering out them. Nonetheless we know them, they most steadily lead us to the conclusion that the prices and steered sentence against Roger Stone weren’t the most efficient parts of the activity that get been distorted by advanced politics grotesquely. The trial itself used to be, too.

All the intention by the jury selection activity at Roger Stone’s trial, legal professionals requested the eventual foreman of the jury, if there used to be something that can affect her ability to clutch Stone somewhat. No, she claimed. She hadn’t paid a lot consideration to the Russia probe.


That turned out to be a lie and a silly one at that. That juror’s Twitter account is public, and it appears to be like that she’s an anti-Trump zealot who intently adopted the Mueller investigation.

In a single tweet, as an illustration, she known as Donald Trump “The Klan President.” When Stone used to be taken into custody in a break of day raid by dozens of federal brokers armed with computerized weapons and an airboat, she mocked the foundation that the arrest used to be improper. “Oh, it appears to be like stunning to me.”

Right here is rarely any longer a fair person. Right here is rarely any longer any individual able to judging this trial somewhat. Right here is a partisan who lied about who she used to be. Roger Stone is coping with life in penal complex because an Obama-appointed snatch, Amy Berman Jackson, allowed this girl to bustle the jury.

And that is the reason all stunning with CNN, which has colluded with the Justice Department from day one on this, and which is rooting for Stone to die in the aid of bars. Nonetheless it for dawdle should be deeply upsetting to anybody who cares about fairness — and that should be all of us.

Prosecutors desire Roger Stone to inspire nine years no longer because he damage any individual or damage this country. He did no longer. Nonetheless because they hate him. As plan liberals, they hate his politics. Nonetheless above all, they hate his perspective.

Nonetheless it for dawdle’s no longer. As an illustration, Republicans in the Senate. You’d judge they’d be outraged by all of this. And yet, it be perfectly obtrusive they would even care much less.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.: I’d pretty no longer there be political interference in such cases, but I’d pretty seek on the major points earlier than I reply hypotheticals.

Manu Raju, CNN senior congressional correspondent: Senator, the president is rarely any longer ruling out a pardon for Roger Stone. Close you suspect that shall be a appropriate recommendation if he went that route?

Scott: I judge he deserves what he’s acquired after they made the dedication. I snatch that he notion  contemplating it significantly at this point.

Raju: He’s also and I indicate, he did no longer rule it out. And he’s already been convicted on seven counts.

Scott: Nonetheless he did no longer rule it in, so

Reporter: The president moreover has no longer dominated out a pardon for Roger Stone. Would that be a appropriate recommendation?

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas: Effectively, he hadn’t mentioned he would discontinue it. So we can wait until that occurs if that occurs.

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“Sure, whatever, no longer for dawdle paying attention. Naming contemporary post offices.”

Can get to you are a Republican voter — and you would also impartial be — these are the people you vote for to guard you and your country. You judge they are going to?

Democrats, in the meantime, get whipped themselves right into a frenzy of bloodlust. “Roger Stone must rot in the aid of bars. If the president tries to keep Roger Stone, we can impeach him all once more.”

Jake Tapper, CNN host: Could well moreover you impeach him over this? Over Roger Stone and the sentencing?

Get. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif.: You understand, we’re no longer going to build our alternate choices off the desk. We don’t procure up in the morning looking for to impeach him. You understand, we desire to work with him on prescription medicines, background checks and infrastructure.

Nonetheless we’re no longer going to let him excellent, you know, torch this democracy because he thinks that he’s been let off once, and we’re no longer going to discontinue something about it.

Now, Eric Swalwell might even impartial be the slowest of the 435 Home Participants. He’s for dawdle in the operating. Nonetheless even he’s also mindful talking aspects.

So that is amongst their plans, one more impeachment. Why would they discontinue that? Why discontinue Democrats care lots about punishing Roger Stone?


Right here is why: Because if Roger Stone spends even a day in jail, they are going to expose him for the following 40 years as proof that Russia collusion used to be precise. That is what they for dawdle desire. Let’s hope the president would no longer allow them to get it.

Tailored from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Feb. 13, 2020.