Truth about coronavirus that Trump’s critics ignore: Tammy Bruce

By | March 3, 2020

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Fox Info political contributor and Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce stated that mighty of the media coverage and political consideration surrounding the coronavirus comes down to “manipulation.”

“We’re in an election year and the Democrats and their lapdogs, the media, are helping to facilitate distractions,” stated Bruce on her Fox Nation gift “Internet Tammy Bruce” on Tuesday.

Bruce laid out some info about public health and the coronavirus for the reason for helping Americans fabricate rational decisions about their health and the health of their families.

“The CDC reports that in 2020 on my own, up to now… there be pleased been 18,000 deaths and 32 million infected with the flu within the United States,” she reported.

“I fabricate no longer reflect that you just might want to possibly merely be pleased heard that any place, be pleased you ever?” she requested rhetorically. “It does no longer dominate the headlines… surely no longer within the approach the coronavirus has.”

“Factual this last week as every person is wringing their fingers over coronavirus, 13 kids died within the United States from the flu,” she persevered. “To this point [this year], 105 kids be pleased died.”

Bruce, despite the truth that, does no longer fault Americans for pain over the coronavirus outbreak. “On the very origin, we weren’t obvious what’s occurring,” she stated. “China is a in actuality rotten actor and we’re mild no longer even in actuality obvious how this [conoravirus] manifested.”

But now, Bruce pointed out, extra files is changing into accessible and that could presumably per chance merely mild ease some concerns.

In the most recent episode of Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive,”  Dr. Syra Madad, who’s the senior director of the special pathogens program for the Novel York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, which is some of the finest public health systems within the U.S., pointed to statistics that gift that over 40,000 of us be pleased recovered after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

A recent article in Slate, written by an emergency treatment doctor at Brigham and Ladies’s Sanatorium in Boston, popular that “in China, the death rate has been reported as zero in kids below 10 and extremely low, 0.2 percent, in wholesome adults.”

Bruce also noticed that politicians and the many within the media fabricate no longer disclose the identical form of declare over the annual flu season, and for magnificent reason, because there shouldn’t be the type of thing as a reason fabricate Americans to fear.


“It’s phase of existence,” stated Bruce of the flu. “Nevertheless we plod on. We fabricate no longer no longer plod to concert events. We fabricate no longer no longer elevate public transportation. We fabricate no longer no longer elevate a flight. We fabricate no longer no longer commute because flu, clearly, is a worldwide pandemic effectively. And but we’re mild living our lives.”

“Here is why this matters,” argued Bruce, encouraging Americans to take care of faraway from, “being pushed exclusively by headlines… by hysteria on assorted networks or what that you just might want to possibly knowing in newspapers.”

Great of this comes down to politics, Bruce concluded, “you cannot blame the flu on Donald Trump. He’s highly efficient, but no longer that highly efficient. Nevertheless you are going to be in a situation to blame this new declare on him.”

For Bruce’s fleshy remarks be half of Fox Nation and look “Internet Tammy Bruce” nowadays.


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