Sean Hannity rips media over coronavirus: Agenda-pushed coverage ‘hurting our country’

By | March 14, 2020

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President Trump’s declaration of a nationwide emergency primarily based on the coronavirus pandemic deserves praise — whereas the media’s coverage of the outbreak deserves scorn, Sean Hannity stated Friday night.

“We are witnessing what shall be a huge paradigm shift within the absolute best way forward for illness alter and prevention. A audacious modern precedent is being space,” Hannity stated on his television program. “The enviornment will all over again again enormously from America’s management. [It] will give us reason to be proud as a country.”


Hannity praised the president for his actions.

“That it’s most likely you’ll very well be witnessing history within the making and with the lend a hand of the most phenomenal companies on this country, personal-sector companies,” Hannity stated. “The administration has now created what may be the most sturdy knowing, by no manner tried sooner than, to fight the coronavirus across all 50 states.”

The host ran down the country’s reaction to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide and then turned into his focal level to the media for its coverage of the coronavirus compared with how they handled former President Obama over the H1N1 flu mission.

“What they’ve executed and what they’re presently doing is hurting our country. This defines them,” Hannity stated. “You ever had any doubt that they’ve an agenda? Well, that proves our case. Never sooner than has there been this this unholy, depraved alliance existing between the mob and the media. And the one occasion they like with their agenda.”


Hannity ripped the media for making an attempt responsible Trump for the pandemic and criticized the “alliance” between Democrats and the media.

“This alliance is hurting this country. They are no longer serving ‘We the individuals’ whatsoever, form, manner or form,” Hannity stated. “They are advancing a political agenda.”