Sasquatch look: Bigfoot ‘sightings’ over the years

By | February 10, 2020

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Sasquatch. Bigfoot. Yeti. There are many monikers for the extensive and mysterious upright bi-pedal mammal that has allegedly roamed the world’s forests for a total bunch of years. A prolonged-instructed memoir in many cultures: sightings of the creature have been reported from the Himalayas to the woods of Central Oregon. Even though no definitive proof exists, stories of human encounters help piling up.

More than 10,000 of us within the U.S. have described encounters with Bigfoot over the previous 50 years, one-third of which have taken discipline within the Pacific Northwest.


There are loads of organizations dedicated to the analysis and investigation of Bigfoot sightings within the U.S., the oldest and largest being the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO).

However, the place a question to stays: Is Bigfoot steady? Listed below are the cease supposed sightings within the final three hundred and sixty five days.

January 2020 -Washington Train

A portray of the legendary Sasquatch could possibly simply have been captured on a Washington Train Division of Transportation webcam, the company says. “Sasquatch noticed!!! I’m now not superstitious… neutral correct a tiny bit stitious,” a WSDOT East post on Twitter reported final month. “Luxuriate in you ever noticed one thing queer on our Sherman Sail/SR 20 webcam outdated to? Whenever you thought carefully by the tree on the left there appears to be one thing… will likely be Sasquatch… We are succesful of leave that up to you!”

December 2019 – Oregon

Explorers and scientists could possibly simply have captured video photos of Bigfoot in an station where “hundreds” of sightings have been reported. Around a third of all Bigfoot sightings are recorded within the teach of Oregon, which makes it a high purpose for Bigfoot hunters.

In the midst of filming for a Sail back and forth Channel documentary, Mireya Mayor, a primatologist at the Florida World University, managed to make a choice out a shifting object on thermal cameras.  “Very big and shifting in an apelike – if now not bipedal – sort,”  she mentioned in an interview with Dwell Science.

November 2019 – Scientists unearth new proof of the “fashioned Bigfoot”

In a swish discovery, scientists unearthed new proof of the “fashioned Bigfoot,” a 10-foot gargantuan ape that lived virtually 2 million years within the past.

Is named Gigantopithecus blacki, researchers came upon that the extensive primate lived in southeastern China approximately 1.9 million years within the past. They furthermore came upon that the animal used to be linked to the up to date-day orangutan after they performed groundbreaking, new evaluation of proteins in tooth enamel. The analysis furthermore exhibits that G. blacki, which weighed up to 595 kilos, diverged from orangutans about 12 million years within the past. Unlike chimpanzees or bonobos, it is miles rarely carefully linked to contributors.

Artistic representation of Gigantopithecus blacki. Credit: Ikumi Kayama (Studio Kayama LLC)

Inventive illustration of Gigantopithecus blacki. Credit: Ikumi Kayama (Studio Kayama LLC)

October 2019 – North Carolina

A ghostly image captured along Lake James within the mountains northwest of Charlotte, N.C., at round 2 a.m. used to be captured by Bigfoot 911, a Marion-essentially based totally workers of Sasquatch hunters. “I locked lawful onto this creature and knew straight it used to be a Bigfoot,” John Bruner instructed McClatchy Recordsdata team.

Bruner mentioned the photos taken were captured with “night time vision cameras” while the males eased into one among the lake’s northern coves. The team used to be “scouting” the station after receiving stories that night time fishermen had considered one thing watching them from the shore.

This Aug. 19, 2015 photo provided by the Kennebunk Police Department shows an graffiti on a sign in Kennebunk, Maine. Authorities have nabbed a man who's accused of spray-painting images of Sasquatch on public property in Kennebunk, Maine. Police in the picturesque coastal town didn't find the graffiti featuring Bigfoot all that amusing and charged 36-year-old Freeman Hatch with criminal mischief and possession of drugs. (Det. Stephen M. Borst, Kennebunk Police Department via AP)

This Aug. 19, 2015 photograph supplied by the Kennebunk Police Division exhibits an graffiti on a signal in Kennebunk, Maine. Authorities have nabbed a one who’s accused of spray-painting photography of Sasquatch on public property in Kennebunk, Maine. Police within the picturesque coastal city did now not uncover the graffiti that consists of Bigfoot all that humorous and charged 36-three hundred and sixty five days-extinct Freeman Hatch with criminal mischief and possession of gear. (Det. Stephen M. Borst, Kennebunk Police Division by AP)
(The Associated Press)

July 2019 – Kentucky

Two Bowling Green, Ky., campers — Madelyn Durand and friend Brad Ginn — were tenting at Beefy Cave National Park on a Sunday in August as soon as they met a one who had neutral correct came upon his campsite demolished. “It used to be Bigfoot country,” he instructed them outdated to disappearing. Minutes later, the pair mentioned they heard gunshots, known as 911, and hiked befriend to their automobile where Park Rangers were ready.

While the incident is technically now not a Bigfoot sighting — as no creature used to be considered — the mere point out used to be sufficient to warrant headlines.

June 2019 – North Carolina

Vicky Cook of Shelby, N.C., instructed station WCNC-TV that she had came upon about eight Bigfoot footprints since March of 2019. She reportedly would recede candy and cookies for the mythical being.

In June, Cook posted grainy path cam photos on Facebook of what she mentioned used to be the steady deal. “I forgot and left my digital camera on and he showed up after I left for city,” she instructed the local station. Adding: “Looks to be a foot with most practical likely three toes and one big one off to the side. Practically gorilla-appreciate.”

Footprints are seen in the snow near Makalu Base Camp in Nepal, in this picture taken on April 9. Mountaineers from the Indian army on expedition in Nepal have found mysterious large footprints in the snow that they think belong to the Yeti, or the abominable snowman, the military said on Tuesday.

Footprints are considered within the snow cease to Makalu Depraved Camp in Nepal, on this portray taken on April 9. Mountaineers from the Indian navy on expedition in Nepal have came upon mysterious extensive footprints within the snow that they mediate belong to the Yeti, or the abominable snowman, the militia mentioned on Tuesday.

May possibly well also 2019 – Georgia

On May possibly well also 20, a 51-three hundred and sixty five days-extinct man mentioned he noticed a 7-to-8-foot creature standing along a highway in Rich Mountain Desert station. The sighting used to be reportedly one among two within the equal station. The incident took place at about 8: 30 p.m. in Cherry Log when driver Edward Lee noticed what he described as a “furry, two-legged, creature with a pointed head.” Lee then pulled round the befriend side of the limited patch of woods thinking it could perchance emerge on the diversified side of the side road. However, it by no formulation did.

Lee mentioned that his have wife didn’t mediate him, however that “it wasn’t no endure.”

April 2019 – India

The Indian Military claimed they, too, had came upon queer footprints of the mysterious Yeti — in most cases in most cases known as a cousin of Bigfoot’s — cease to Makalu Depraved Camp. In outdated sightings, the mysterious creature had most practical likely been sighted in Makalu-Barun National Park.

February 2019 – Hudson Valley

In February of 2019, Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley posted photos despatched from a younger man in Rhinebeck who claimed to have had two experiences with what is believed to be Bigfoot. The man mentioned he “wakened to queer tracks at some stage in his property” and two nights following heard “heavy bipedal footsteps strolling on his entrance porch and a loud bang on the siding.”


January 2019 – Provo Utah mountains

In the foothills of Northeast Provo, Utah, a team of fellows noticed a figure on the mountain that looked appreciate one thing they’ve by no formulation considered outdated to. The digital camera used to be rolling as Austin Craig and a buddy went on the hunt. Their findings, nonetheless, were inconclusive. Even though, Utah County has been a sizzling teach for the ‘squatch in years previous. But some other sighting had been reported within the station neutral correct about a years within the past by a family on their formulation to the Provo Municipal Airport.

They furthermore recorded video exhibiting a extensive, shadowy figure equal to the one Craig and his friend reportedly noticed.

Fox Recordsdata’ David Aaro, Sean Keach, and Chris Ciaccia contributed to this account.