Run up Dwelling windows, TikTok tricks, mobile telephone stalkers and additional: Tech Q&A

By | March 1, 2020

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Kim Komando has all the answers to your tech questions this week.

Kim Komando has the total answers to your tech questions this week.

Per week, I bag heaps of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products, and all things digital.

Typically, picking essentially the most moving inquiries to spotlight is the ideal portion of my job. This week, I bought questions about appealing installs, social media search histories, commandeered security cameras, and additional.

Save it is doubtless you’ll presumably perchance get a quiz you’d snatch to keep a matter to me? I be taught each one.

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Run up Dwelling windows PC

Q: My Dwelling windows PC is a tired frail sinful dog. Is there any manner I’m succesful of inaugurate over? It dilapidated to urge significantly greater than it does now.

A: Typically, it is miles a must get to drag out the huge weapons. That you want to delete files and pause background duties, cleanse your exhausting force of malware and set up extra memory, but when your computer is unruffled dragging its knuckles, it’ll be time for a appealing set up.

This drastic maneuver once in a while works. The handiest raise is every file to your exhausting force will most certainly be deleted. Luckily, with the introduction of cloud storage and external drives, this route of of backing up and restoring files has change accurate into a topic of routine.

Tap or click right here for detailed tricks to appealing your PC the lawful manner.

Combat mobile telephone stalking

Q: My ex works as a computer tech. How can I test my mobile telephone for a keylogger? He looks to know loads about my existence, and it’s creepy.

A: I hope you are conserving your distance from this man in every other a part of your existence. While you specialize in your ex is succesful of spying to your mobile telephone, raise instant dash. Sadly, keyloggers and other spyware and adware techniques are continually advanced to detect because they are designed to veil.

A temporary manner to search out out whether you’ve been hacked is to mediate relating to the telltale proof, which has extra to produce collectively with your mobile telephone’s habits. Perchance your mobile telephone is commonly warm to the touch even will get to you haven’t dilapidated it. There would be messages to your mobile telephone that it is doubtless you’ll presumably perchance get now now not despatched. And there are indispensable extra clues will get to you know the keep to peer.

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Search historical past transgressions

Q: I regarded up about a frail flames on Fb. How did my accomplice know that I became once doing this? It became once handiest out of curiosity, I relate!

A: I’ll come up with the support of the doubt. We marvel about frail classmates, past coworkers, and used sweethearts who dilapidated to mean so indispensable to us. Even though we’ve no arrangement of rekindling frail relationships, the entice of social media and all its photos and knowledge can show irresistible.

In your case, I mediate it is doubtless you’ll presumably perchance unbiased get a have confidence field it is miles a must get to work out collectively with your accomplice. But whether it is miles a must get to delete your search historical past on both your browser and on social media, there are straightforward ways to produce this.

Tap or click right here to delete your search historical past from social media apps and browsers.

TikTok secret

Q: Zach King has 22 million followers and produces essentially the most amazing movies on Instagram and TikTok. What tools does he exercise?

A: TikTok has exploded in reputation, and it’s no marvel — the platform has the video prowess of YouTube, the immediacy of Snapchat, and the concise artistry of Instagram, making it an abundant playground for aspiring influencers. It’s straightforward to put up to TikTok, but these 15 seconds of video are exhausting to produce wisely.

Since you point out Zach King, it is doubtless you’ll presumably perchance as wisely hear recommendation straight from him, thanks to my inviting video section. Peep the master existing his social media success in his own phrases.

Tap or click right here to be taught how proper film magic is made on TikTok.

Pause surveillance hackers

Q: I also get a security digicam at my condominium. What steps produce I get to raise to rep obvious hackers can’t peer in? I’m freaked out about that.

A: As the announcing goes, that you just would be able to peer two ways thru a window. On this case, the “window” is a video surveillance diagram designed to provide protection to your condominium. Criminals don’t even must be on the same aspect of the planet to interrupt into your diagram and commandeer that equipment.

Even though it’ll also unbiased seem cherish a chore, be conscious what’s at stake — a digicam that actually friends into your most non-public affairs and could presumably lead to any crime that you just would be able to take into consideration, from blackmail to info theft to dwelling invasion.

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