Ronna McDaniel: Dems headed for brokered conference that can be ‘rigged’ to shut Bernie

By | March 3, 2020

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Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel on Tuesday doubled down on President Trump’s allege that the Democrats’ nominating job will be rigged in opposition to socialist Bernie Sanders.

“I judge it would be muddled coming out of Mountainous Tuesday,” McDaniel told “The US’s Newsroom.”


“It does rely on how big the lead that Sanders takes out of California is, if he picks up a mountainous percentage of delegates, but I don’t survey somebody getting out soon.

“It’s leading against doubtlessly a brokered conference that might even be rigged in opposition to Bernie if those superdelegates bear their approach in that second vote,” McDaniel stated.

Trump told reporters at the White Home earlier than going to a advertising and marketing campaign rally in North Carolina, “I judge it’s rigged in opposition to Bernie.” Trump added that Sanders might well smooth “pull via” and secure the nomination.

On the eve of Mountainous Tuesday, a assured Joe Biden glanced lend a hand to his landslide victory over the weekend and seemed forward to what he thinks will be a in point of fact correct evening.

The old fashioned vice president told supporters in Houston that “we received in South Carolina, and we’ll secure in Texas the following day.”

Biden, who virtually pulled even with front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont within the delegate hunt because of a increased than anticipated victory in South Carolina, is aiming to shut Sanders from taking pictures a mountainous lead within the needed fight for conference delegates. Biden’s unbiased is to firmly cement his secure 22 situation because the sensible different to Sanders – the populist lawmaker who describes himself as a democratic socialist.


McDaniel went on to claim, “The actuality is the Democrats are difficult against a socialist occasion and the president has outcomes that he gets to chat about to the American other folks relish increased wages, more jobs, and a stronger militia and that’s going to be the glory we’re going to survey heading into November.”