RCP reporter: Biden dropping in Nevada, Bloomberg ‘very entirely gratified’ with how election is having fun with out

By | February 16, 2020

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RealClearPolitics (RCP) political reporter Philip Wegmann joined “America’s News HQ” Saturday to chat about what candidates in the upcoming Nevada caucuses and South Carolina most major possess the advantage.

“But whenever you idea at that polling, what it shows is that Joe Biden changed into as soon as as soon as in first space in Nevada. Now he is trailing in 2nd to Bernie Sanders, a trend that is mirrored in our national data at RealClearPolitics,” Wegmann mentioned. “And I mediate that the map right here is that, you know, Joe Biden had those two losses and that also there are a range of Democratic voters who indubitably feel like they now possess permission to vote for Bernie Sanders thanks to his sturdy wins in Iowa and Recent Hampshire.”


A brand novel Las Vegas Overview-Journal/AARP Nevada poll has 25 p.c of Democratic voters supporting Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders while oldschool Vice President Biden sits at 18 p.c.

Wegmann also reacted to reports that oldschool Recent York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who’s no longer on the polltill Immense Tuesday, is serious about 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton as his working mate.

“I mediate what it in most cases shows, because we are in a position to no longer verify that yet… It shows that Michael Bloomberg and his crew are very honest at inserting himself into the conversation,” Wegmann mentioned.

“Take into accout, this is somebody who indubitably has no longer had unheard of toughen in any of those states to this level, however what he is even ready to attain alongside with his billions of greenbacks and alongside with his advertising and marketing campaign infrastructure, he is been ready to insert himself into national files and indubitably, at the least on paper, manufacture a advertising and marketing campaign that would potentially compete any place,” he mentioned.


The RCP reporter also mentioned the Bloomberg advertising and marketing campaign changed into as soon as “very entirely gratified” with its approach and would very unheard of get to face Bernie Sanders one-on-one in the latter phase of the primaries.

“And whenever you focus on with the Bloomberg advertising and marketing campaign, they’re very entirely gratified with what’s going on on good now because they indubitably feel like Joe Biden is imploding. And as well they indubitably feel like Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg are no longer necessarily the selections desired to shuffle up in opposition to Bernie Sanders,” Wegmann mentioned. “But create no mistake, [Bloomberg] would like nothing better than to lag in opposition to the Democratic socialist for the nomination.”