QBits – Show 095a – Time Machine – Something BIG Is Coming – House of Cards pt 1

By | December 8, 2019

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Air Date: 29.NOV.2019
Tale of Two Trumps: House of Cards pt 1

Tonight’s show examines Sexual Iniquity as a search vector in the Q, the News & ties together the impact of Pedophilia, Rape & Human Sacrifice on the World’s society in general and on the Houses of Nobility, in particular. POTUS’ recent executive order, recognizing the need for Committed Support for Women & Children in the Native American community drives this investigation. The implications of this reach out into our everyday life, media that we consume – even the hero’s and seemingly honorable institutions that made the United States the world leader in Human Rights. But, are we?

President Trump is accompanied on an Expedition to Support US Forward Deployed Troops in Afghanistan. He is joined by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley & other dignitaries – and this deployment will assert Peace and Freedom through what is coming.

POTUS also holds a bilat. with Afghanistan President Ghani. ​Our Deep Dive Segment is called FULL WINDSOR KNOT – and breaks down the Legal, Executive and Judicial Teams that will be investigating the Horror that is Human Trafficking.

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