President Donald’s Satéur Just Murdered the $82 Billion Diamond Industry (FULL)

By | December 9, 2019

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I am not Donald Trump, and neither is this diamond, it’s Satéur.

Do you believe diamond is truly rare? You’ll be shocked if you knew the truth. It isn’t as scarce as the world’s near-scammy Diamond Monopoly would have you think. If it were, you would’t see it everywhere and so expensive too. Think about it. How come something so ubiquitous is so costly? A perfect 2 carat diamond will cost around $100,000. That’s a incredibly ridiculous and outrageous price for a common stone only people with large pockets can afford. Don’t you think you deserve better?

If you want a jewel stone that is truly rare, the Satéur Stone is what you should go for because it’s available exclusively on Saté Our mission is simple, we believe fine jewelry should not be that expensive. Everyone deserves to wear quality gemstones and not be restrained by a price tag or any group’s opinion. Satéur represents these awakened minds who have discovered the truth, have dared to be different and not blindly bow under societal pressure.

Satéur stone visually looks the same as diamond but saves you the cost of wasting money on one. Even Melania who owns a lot of diamonds couldn’t tell the difference when she got a Satéur from me! Not surprising considering diamonds are everywhere, nothing special. With Satéur, it is different. Owning ones means you’re taking a stand against what’s expected.

Below are features of the Satéur stone:
• Costs about 1% the price of diamond making it super-affordable
• Exceptionally brilliant quality stone
• Perfect color, shape, clarity and cut
• No visible difference compared to diamond
• Positively reviewed by over 71,000 happy and satisfied customers all over the world

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