Hundreds of Londoners protest against Trump and the NATO summit

[autovid_profit_transcript] Thousands of anti-Trump and anti-NATO protesters have gathered in the streets of London to “welcome” the American president, who has come to the British country to the NATO Summit. They consider that both the president and the organization violate human rights in favor of large arms industries and the interest of a few. #NATO


Republican Bill Weld says he can beat Trump in no longer decrease than 5 states on Splendid Tuesday

As House Democrats ramp up phase two of their impeachment inquiry, Bill Weld, former two-time Massachusetts governor and Republican 2020 presidential candidate, said Wednesday that he believes he can beat President Trump in five states on Super Tuesday.In an interview on the “Fox News Rundown” podcast with host Dave Anthony, Weld said Super Tuesday is the…

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South Korea to ship food, radiation detector to Tokyo Olympics over Fukushima radiation fears

The Tokyo Olympics are approaching and South Korea is taking steps to make sure their Olympic athletes are not going to be ingesting any kind of contaminated food as a result of the 2011 Fukushima disaster.The Korea Sports & Olympic Committee (KSOC) plans to buy radiation detectors and ship its own food to Japan for its…

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Cathy Areu: Thanks, Peleton! Nothing says Merry Christmas like physique-shaming your accomplice

Nothing says “I love you” more – from a handsome, 6-foot-something husband to his petite unassuming wife – than a new car with a big red bow waiting in the driveway, or a diamond ring wrapped in a white bow hidden in an itty bitty light teal box, on a picturesque snowy Christmas morning, right?Wrong!…

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7 sophisticated shopping scams to study up on for this holiday season

This Cyber Monday, U.S. shoppers spent a record $9.4 billion online — $1.5 billion more than last year’s total and an astounding $12 million per minute. Yes, that number is every single minute.Where there’s money, there are hackers, scammers and thieves. The Internet is more dangerous than ever, and data breaches and attacks are at…

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Cam Newton reacts to Panthers firing Ron Rivera: ‘This one concern deep’

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton did not appear to be pleased with the team’s decision to fire head coach Ron Rivera in the middle of the season Tuesday.The Panthers announced the move 12 games into the 2019 season. Rivera had been the coach of the Panthers since 2011, and led the team to the Super…

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Nazi concentration camp costume nominated for loads of efficient decide-skating outfit, group says

A Nazi concentration camp costume worn by a Russian figure skater in early November was mistakenly nominated for an International Skating Union (ISU) award, officials said Monday.The ISU issued an apology over the error after Anton Shulepov received the nomination for his costume, which depicted prisoner and guard elements of an Auschwitz prison camp where…

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Nation indispensable particular person Brett Kissel recalls receiving a handwritten point to from Johnny Cash on the day he died

LOS ANGELES – Brett Kissel has maintained a deep connection to country music since he was a young crooner living in Canada, barely learning to play the guitar at the behest of his parents, who urged him to formally learn the instrument and its nuances. As a 6-year-old, Kissel wasn’t into learning about music theory and only…

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Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump, two hostages of CIA, Raul Castro and his Miami’s Castro Mob

[autovid_profit_transcript] From hero to renegade. Benhamin Netanyahu has collapsed. Now his his rhythm is not the beat of the heroes. Now Benhamin Netanyahu play chicken dance with Iran, Russia, China and North Korea. President Donald Trump, and Prime Minister Benhamin Netanyahu, have surrender to Iran and North Korea, to China, Russia and Raul Castro. Israel and United State… Read More »

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Panorama del juicio político contra Donald Trump

[autovid_profit_transcript] En El Mundo Según con Ana María Salazar, Miguel Ruiz Cabañas, embajador, habló acerca del panorama del juicio político en contra del presidente de EU Donald Trump.

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