NJ nurse fights coronavirus with food donations: ‘All people is smiling below their masks’

By | April 4, 2020

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Atlantic Smartly being nurse practitioner Chuck Warwick saw the outpouring of food donations to hospitals overrun by the coronavirus pandemic and wished to attend.

Acting on “Fox & Mates Weekend” with host Jillian Mele, Warwick stated Saturday that he had in the origin tried to feed the Intensive Care Models of Unique Jersey hospitals himself and seen the fundamental quantity of donations from others.


“And, I attempted to…absorb in the gaps. And so, I came up with, you recognize, personally packaged snacks and low. And, I genuinely contain honest been raising cash and been turning in them to the three hospitals that I work at,” he outlined.

Warwick suggested Mele that “the large three” snacks are Swedish Fish candy, Cheez-Its, and low.

“Smartly, it appears to be like to be genuinely giving some those that feel that they might be able to’t enact anything when they are stuck at dwelling and, you recognize, making an strive to enact the social distancing — it affords them a minute bit bit of an outlet to bring a minute bit pleasure to those health care workers on the frontlines: the nurses, the doctors, and even the ancillary workers such because the cafeteria workers and cleansing folks,” he suggested Mele.

For most of his fellow health care workers, Warwick famend, combating the virus on daily basis has been “very surreal.”

“Or not it’s something that we contain all been coaching for however by no formulation genuinely expected. Seeing everybody gang together and folks being taken out of their comfort zones and place into areas to attend — everybody is stepping up,” he remarked. “Or not it’s been worthy. So, or not it’s surreal however everybody is ready.”

Warwick has created a GoFundMe web page to attend elevate donations to fund his provider on the Morristown, Fail to see, and Chilton hospitals of Atlantic health. He for the time being has raised over $6,500 of his $7,500 plan the use of the hashtag #SpreadsnacksnotCOVID.

His next endeavor is discovering luggage for health care workers’ telephones so they are in a position to make use of them with out contact.


“At any time when I desire a image, everybody is smiling below their masks. So, or not it’s repeatedly worthy to bring that minute bit of positivity in times be pleased these,” he stated.