Mysterious death of Swedish lady in Scotland labeled as ‘secret’ by Sweden: convey

By | March 5, 2020

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The mysterious 2005 death of a Swedish lady in Scotland, which has sparked a wave of conspiracy theories, has taken an surprising flip after it emerged it has been labeled as a “secret” by the Sweden government.

Annie Borjesson was as soon as stumbled on face down and fully clothed on Prestwick Shoreline near Glasgow Prestwick Airport on Dec. 4, 2005.

The 30-year-old, who had moved to Edinburgh a year sooner than her death to conception English, had traveled to the airport the day prior to this and had intended to fly encourage to Sweden. Her rep, which had her wallet and passport, was as soon as stumbled on subsequent to her.

Annie Borjesson, 30, was found face down and fully clothed on Prestwick Beach near Glasgow Prestwick Airport on Dec. 4, 2005. Her death has been classified as

Annie Borjesson, 30, was as soon as stumbled on face down and fully clothed on Prestwick Shoreline near Glasgow Prestwick Airport on Dec. 4, 2005. Her death has been labeled as “secret” by the Swedish government.

Both Scottish and Swedish authorities have claimed Borjesson seemingly died of suicide by drowning, but her family has constantly suspected heinous play.


Sky News, who has been airing a six-share podcast on the case – “What occurred to Annie” – reported that the Swedish foreign ministry has released paperwork detailing conversations with Scottish authorities all over a yearlong investigation into the case. The certain bet on the info, however, has been closely redacted on the grounds of it being labeled.

“Files has been deemed labeled as secret in accordance with the provide of Chapter 15, fragment 1 of the Public Entry to Files and Secrecy Act and has been redacted to the attacked file,” Daniel Andersson from the Swedish foreign ministry, instructed Sky News.

“The reason for that’s that the certain bet concerns Sweden’s relatives with a foreign express and a foreign authority and it will seemingly be assumed that a disclosure will agonize Sweden’s international relatives or, in different routes agonize nationwide interests,” he added.

This is Prestwick Beach, where Annie Borjesson was found dead in Dec. 4, 2005.

Here is Prestwick Shoreline, the place Annie Borjesson was as soon as stumbled on lifeless in Dec. 4, 2005.

One of the crucial redacted info, which don’t have any longer been independently confirmed by Fox News, showed embassy officials outlining how authorities suspected suicide, no matter the undeniable reality that no put up-mortem examination had been conducted on Borjesson’s remains. That convey had been filed true within the future after her death.


Guje Borjesson, Annie’s mother, instructed Sky News she is “jumpy” by Sweden’s resolution to classify her daughter’s death and subsequent investigation a secret.

“Even the motive within the encourage of death had been hidden,” she said.

She instructed the news outlet that she would perchance be attention-grabbing to Swedish authorities to launch the total info connected to her daughter’s death, collectively with the put up-mortem photos.

“I ask that they enact, these paperwork are about my daughter,” Guje Borjesson said. “I am no longer somebody, I am her mother.”

The Scottish Crown Place of work has to this point refused to launch the put up-mortem photos.


Annie Borjesson’s mysterious death has sparked conspiracy theories within the years that followed, collectively with particular person that made associations between the 30-year-old and alleged CIA rendition flights through Prestwick airport in 2005. Rendition flights are said to be old for the extralegal switch of prisoners from one nation to 1 other.

No proof has emerged in relation to this hyperlink, and both the U.S. and the U.Okay. governments have denied the existence of such flights through Scotland.

“There is a public interest now and we are the family, so that they ought to in actuality clutch that into consideration,” Guje Borjesson instructed Sky News about the spike in interest in her daughter’s case. “We’re light motivated to rep Annie an inquest. That can maybe presumably power the Crown Place of work to sharpen up and put the total information on the desk. We’re no longer jumpy of that.”