‘Morning Joe’ hosts declare CNN Democratic debate ‘painful,’ call out moderator’s ‘weird and wonderful’ demand

By | January 15, 2020

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The hosts of “Morning Joe” issued stinging criticism Wednesday of the CNN Democratic debate in Iowa, calling it “painful” that the candidates had been “bickering” about a two-year-passe dialog wherein Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., alleges that Sen. Bernie  Sanders, I-Vt., told her a female candidate cannot defeat President Trump in 2020.

Despite Sanders’ repeated denials, co-host Mika Brzezinski talked about CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip’s questions on the matter had been complicated to appear.

“He says he didn’t declare it. So you flip to Elizabeth Warren and declare, ‘Did he declare it?’ That’s the matter. I mean, it’s weird and wonderful,” Brzezinski talked about.

“What the heck occurred there? Are they listening? As a end result of you gotta listen must you invent a debate and then obtain the demand to the next candidate,” Brzezinski added, as panelists Donny Deutsch and Karine Jean-Pierre agreed it was once a “miss.”

Brzezinski talked about Democrats on the stage might maybe also just restful had been proving they can obtain on Trump in November nonetheless as a change had been “bickering about a dialog that occurred at a non-public tournament” two years ago.


“It be also painful to appear these candidates argue about this,” she talked about.

“The Democratic frightful doesn’t want to search for this; they want to know the map it’s probably you’ll successfully be going to beat Donald Trump. That’s what they want to search for,” talked about Jean-Pierre, as co-host Joe Scarborough called it “tiny-ball” for Democrats and talked about, “Nobody seemed factual on the controversy stage.”

“The US’s standing within the enviornment is at possibility. Our authorities and all the pieces that now we beget got believed that it was once striving to be is at possibility, and Dems are debating what somebody might maybe also just beget talked about on the phone two years ago,” he added.


Meanwhile, CNN was once accused of “media malpractice” over its facing of the disputed claim from Warren Tuesday night.

The liberal files community broke the listing on Monday. The community cited unnamed sources shut to Warren who claimed that the Vermont senator told her that he didn’t contemplate she might maybe obtain a presidential election on story of she’s a girl. Sanders denied the claim, nonetheless Warren affirmed the listing.

Sanders was once asked about the dustup by Phillip.

“CNN reported the day old to this that — and Senator Warren confirmed in an announcement — that in 2018 you told her that you just didn’t contemplate that a girl can obtain the election. Why did you declare that?” Phillip asked.


“Neatly, as a matter of truth, I didn’t declare it,” Sanders sharply answered. “Any one who knows me knows that it be incomprehensible that I might maybe contemplate that a girl can’t be president of the US. Gallop to YouTube presently time.  There is some video of me 30 years ago speaking about how a girl might maybe severely change president of the US.”

“Sen. Warren, what did you believe you studied when Sen. Sanders told you a girl might maybe not obtain an election?” Phillip then asked the innovative rival, which sparked audible laughs within the auditorium and a shake of the head from Sanders.

Warren and Sanders had a fretful 2d after the controversy, when she refused to shake his hand.

Fox Files’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this listing.