Mercedes-Benz modern Dual-Axis Guidance banned from System One for 2021

By | February 24, 2020

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Mercedes-AMG is identified for pushing the boundaries with its racing vehicles, and its most up-to-the-minute tech is so suave that it’s been banned for next season.


The automaker’s 2020 F1 automobile aspects a system called Dual-Axis Guidance, or DAS, that enables the driver to alter what’s called the “toe” of the tires.

F1 vehicles are regularly space up with toe-out, which capacity the tires are pointing a little bit of remote from the heart of the auto when it is traveling in a straight line. This improves facing in turns, nonetheless isn’t ideal on straights. What Mercedes-AMG has carried out is include a system that enables the driver to pull on the steering wheel to catch rid of the toe-out on set apart a matter to, as has been seen in on-digicam images from pre-season sorting out.

It’s no longer entirely decided what, if any, advantage this creates, nonetheless F1’s technical team has urged that it must also lead to more even warmth distribution across the tires, whereas others judge there would be benefits in aerodynamics and rolling resistance.

F1’s recommendations restrict suspensions that can have their geometries adjusted by the driver or a computer, nonetheless Mercedes-AMG came upon room in rules to develop DAS meet the letter of the law, nonetheless honest appropriate for this season.


Sky Sports experiences that F1’s governing body, the FIA, was as soon as made mindful of DAS closing tumble and changed the rules for 2021 in an are trying to prevent it being implemented again.

Article 10.5 within the 2021 rulebook states that “the re-alignment of the urged wheels… desires to be uniquely defined by a monotonic operate of the rotational remark of a single steering wheel.”

“We are able to glimpse what groups can come up with, internal these boundaries of what the rules are written for in 2021,” FIA speed director Michael Masi acknowledged.

Defending F1 champion Lewis Hamilton restful isn’t decided how nicely it works, nonetheless is joyful by the improvement, in step with ESPN.

“I’ve most though-provoking had one morning with it, so I include no longer if truth be told have a lot to consult with it,” Hamilton acknowledged.

“For me or no longer it is if truth be told encouraging to stare that my team is persevering with to innovate and do outdated to the game, and I judge that’s the total vogue down to the huge minds within the team and so with rather of luck that’ll work to our profit.”