Lincoln Chafee on his resolution to bustle for president as a Libertarian: ‘Predominant parties have allow us to down’

By | January 29, 2020

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Aged Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee says he is running for the White Condominium as a Libertarian due to the he believes “2020 is going to be the year where of us watch beyond the major parties.”

Chafee urged Fox News’ Dave Anthony on Wednesday’s “Fox News Rundown” podcast that “both parties” are to blame for the “$22 trillion deficit … these never-ending wars and … the compromising of our deepest liberties, tapping of phones.”

Unlike the Republican and Democratic parties, Chafee acknowledged libertarians are “excellent at conserving us out of these distant places entanglements.”


“They’re excellent on balanced budgets,” he added. They’re excellent on letting of us are residing their lives as they uncover match … Or no longer it’s a glorious gather collectively. They’re birth-minded. They do no longer imagine that the manager wants to be telling us what remedy we can recall and can’t recall. So I am proud to be a libertarian and bringing these considerations to the American of us.”

A native of Rhode Island, Chafee moved to Wyoming final year and joined the Libertarian Social gathering. As a Republican, he turned into appointed to the U.S. Senate in November of 1999 to wait on out the duration of time of his slack father, extinct Rhode Island Gov. and Navy Secretary John Chafee, and obtained a fleshy duration of time in his contain proper the following year.


After dropping his seat to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse in 2006, Lincoln Chafee grew to turn out to be an just the following year. He turned into elected governor of Rhode Island in 2010 and formally joined the Democratic Social gathering in Would possibly per chance well per chance also honest 2013. Three months later, he presented that he would no longer bustle for a second duration of time as governor. In June 2015, Chafee presented that he would scrutinize the Democratic nomination for president, but dropped out fewer than five months later.

Requested to address his situation relating gun regulate, Chafee acknowledged he’s no longer too long within the past changed his views on the scenario and that he helps the 2d Amendment now better than ever.

“The manager has turn out to be extra and extra untrustworthy in step with the lies linked to getting us into Iraq,” he acknowledged. “The 2d Amendment turned into written by the framers of the Constitution [for] when you lose believe in executive.”

“Or no longer it is no longer me that has changed,” he added. “Or no longer it’s that mistrust of executive that has changed. That makes me extra adamant about every word of the 2d Amendment.”

Chafee moreover cited the National Security Company’s data sequence program, uncovered by Edward Snowden in 2013, and what he called “the lies linked to [the war in] Afghanistan” as examples of the manager turning into extra untrustworthy.

“There might per chance be too many lies. That’s the reason the framers wrote the 2d Amendment and the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment,” he repeated.

Host Dave Anthony asked Chafee to address these in his extinct gather collectively who’re working to “gather guns off the avenue.”


American citizens esteem their guns,” Chafee spoke back, “and as you saunter across the country, even in Rhode Island, … [the] 2d Amendment is a substantial scenario, and I imagine more than a few it’s linked to mistrust in executive.”

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