Life After Prison & The Newtown Connecticut Shootings!

By | October 20, 2019

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Attention Viewers: While this show was originally entitled “Life After Prison: How DO We Cope?”, we all agreed to speak also about the NewTown Connecticut shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School because it was too powerful a story to ignore. So please do not be confused because my monologue speaks only about prison life. Thank you and here is my introduction to the original topic:

Unfortunately prison life and culture is a reality for more people than you can ever know if you have not been indoctrinated into it firsthand on some level or another.

What many people do not seem to grasp is that when an individual is incarcerated the entire family of that person is affected greatly and the pain can range from mild to severe depending on how close that family and support structure of friends can be.

This particular program is not about judging anyone, because if they have served their time and are trying to assimilate into society in a lawful manner then they deserve to be treated in the same manner as any other law abiding citizen without the stigma of their past constantly hanging over their heads.

On the same token we are not enabling anyone but speaking out on the unseen realities that must be faced most often in a very intimidating way because those of us who do not understand what the world can appear to be to a person who has completed a long bid will most likely not be as understanding as someone who has been through it.

Finding work, especially in this economy, can be a daunting task when you consider that it is so hard for those who have no record of incarceration and even the schooling that puts them ahead of the pack. So many newly released persons seem to feel that it is impossible for them and that the stigma of their bad choices makes it easy to be characterized that when it’s time to let anyone go on a job layoff that it will be them because of their being “a bad apple”.

Relationships are strained, many who have family and are recently released must depend on them for their fresh start and usually may feel as though they are less than a fully productive person in their transition into their new life and are fearful that this will be thrown in their face when family tensions are stirred and don’t want to have the label of being the burden on the family.

Post Traumatic stress Disorder is not a condition reserved for one serving in the military, stress is stress, and while it is a well known fact that many who’ve served in the military have suffered and have a built in accepted reason for the symptoms of PTSD as opposed to those suffering the same condition are oftentimes viewed as a violent crazy inmate. Let’s be real and break these stigmas down to see them for what they are!

Many formerly incarcerated individuals will gravitate toward others who have a record because of the acceptance and automatic built in camaraderie that comes with it and sometimes can be be easily pulled back into the risky behavior depending on how well adjusted their new “friends” are.

Frustrations can be shared just as easily as the common cold especially if one is further along in their adjustment or have a bteer support system when the others do not. Keeping the wrong company in this sensitive time of transition is not a good thing and can hamper or retard their mindset and can actually land them back in the place where they swore they would never return.

Life on all fronts can be like walking a tightrope and most of us who have never had their lives ripped away for years will maybe never understand but this show will definitely be a start.

We here at the LanceScurv Show encourage ALL who wish to share their experiences whether you have been locked down or are a family member or even a friend, all input will be appreciates and will add flavor to the meal of understanding that we hope this show to be.

This night will not be some sterilized or prepared censored offering, but a raw look into the seemingly insurmountable mountains and tough challenges that one will encounter when being freshly released from incarceration on the various federal, state and county institutions.

But in the end after discussing the many trials and tribulations of coming out into the outside world after being locked up we want to delve into the solutions that will give hope to those who feel hopeless because at the end of the day, God woke everyone up for a purpose, even if man’s system and way of doing things say something much different.

Everything is possible when one is under girded sincerely with God’s true word and law!

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