Jesse Watters: ‘The left’ attacking Barr because ‘they know what’s coming’

By | February 16, 2020

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Jesse Watters on Saturday addressed Democrats who’re criticizing Attorney Traditional William Barr for wanting into worn Trump affiliate Roger Stone‘s sentencing, calling it well-known of the identical from “the left.”

“The left already has this worthy fresh scandal that is highly much like the final so-called scandal in this draw. It modified into a setup and nothing unlawful came about,” Watters acknowledged on “Watters’ World,” asserting: “Now, I’m no longer excusing what Stone did, however he’s totally charged thanks to the hoax. There is no Russia hoax. There is no charges. He’s in point of fact fair paying a attach because Hillary [Clinton] and her spurious dossier polluted the machine.”


Watters persevered: “So Invoice Barr gets wind of this crazy overcharging. And he realizes these soiled prosecutors had lied to his group and he’s pondering right here’s draw out of line. So he lowers the 9-year advice.”

The host addressed Democrats’ outrage, calling it “dumber than the Ukraine scandal” and defending Barr for getting eager.

“Now, the lawyer standard can no longer intervene within the Department of Justice. Or no longer it is his department. The prosecutors work for him,” Watters acknowledged. “Or no longer it is like asserting a boss is interfering in his beget firm. Does no longer map sense.”

Nevertheless, Watters modified into optimistic the “wheels of justice” had been moving again in The united states.

“The staunch recordsdata, even though, is [that] the wheels of justice are starting up to switch forward again in The united states,” Watters acknowledged. “Rudy Giuliani modified into on ‘Watters’ World’ final week and he introduced paperwork that he claims impart [former President Barack] Obama’s folks colluded with the Ukrainians in opposition to Trump and that Hunter [Bider] allegedly laundered hundreds of thousands.”


“And right here’s now being investigated.,” Watters acknowledged. “Other folks don’t appear to be getting away with what they frail to.”

Watters acknowledged he believes Democrats are attacking Barr because he’s investigating them.

“That is why Invoice Barr is under assault,” Watters added. “The left knows what’s coming.”