Gun-owning feminist slams 2020 Democrats: The 2nd Modification ’empowers’ women folk

By | March 6, 2020

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Gun rights activist Antonia Okafor Duvet stated Friday on “Fox & Chums” that Democrats dangle the faulty thought about the meaning of feminism, arguing for why gun possession is empowering and no longer one thing to be restricted or criticized.

Okafor Duvet, the spokesperson for Gun House owners of The US, reacted to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., pledging to ban so-known as “assault weapons” and Joe Biden pledging to shut what he known as the “gun justify loophole” in firearms sales and require universal background checks.

She stated that feminist icon Susan B. Anthony known as for ladies folk to seem at self-protection, noting that the feminist motion’s “starting build” is typically about rights equivalent to these enshrined within the 2nd Modification.


“I appropriate blatantly discuss the undeniable fact that feminism and the Republican Birthday party – and even being a Christian – are no longer mutually irregular. They’re one thing that in actuality run collectively, and were since the beginning of the women folk’s motion,” she stated, referencing her column in “The Fair.”

Okafor Duvet pushed apart the opponents that Biden is a “reasonable,” announcing that the finest reason he’s considered as such is on yarn of he’s being contrasted with the ultra-leftist Sanders.

“I common to be a Democrat about 10 years within the past — this March in actuality will designate that point that I became a follower and worshipper of Jesus Christ — and at the identical time I realized with my feminist beliefs that if I in actuality mandatory to empower women folk and of us and minorities, et cetera, then we in actuality dangle to empower them thru the 2nd Modification,” she stated.


“And so, for Joe Biden to order on [former Texas Rep.] Robert Francis O’Rourke, who has stated things admire ‘I’m going to take your AK’s and AR-15s’, smartly that is blatantly a detriment, in announcing that the muse of The US that has stated we are going to care for your 2nd Modification rights on yarn of it is a God-given vivid.”

She stated the Democratic Birthday party has veered far to the left in latest years and that there in actuality is never any reasonable lane anymore.

“Joe Biden is typically no longer a reasonable,” she stated.