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Guide To Help You Spend Less On Your Vacation

After months of work and stress, we all deserve a vacation. If you are planning your next one, here is a guide that will advise you on how you can enjoy your holiday whilst spending less money.

Almost six out of every 10 households made a trip according to the latest data from the National Survey of Tourist Expenditure in Households carried out by the Ministry of Tourism.

Some of the things you can do to get the most out of your money are:

1. Travel Out Of Season

The prices of flights, hotels, packages and tours increase during the holiday season, especially in December, Easter and summer, because there is much more demand.

If you have the option to travel in other months, you can take advantage of very good discounts, and the destination you choose will have much fewer visitors.

Now, if you can only do it in high season, try to visit alternative tourist destinations, since the most popular ones will also be the most expensive.

2. Hire Packages

There are many options, it all depends on your pocket and your tastes. You can opt for complete packages that include hotel, plane, transfers and even tours.

You can also look for accommodations that include all meals and drinks, so you will save on food expenses and that does not prevent you from going out to eat somewhere else, it just prevents it from being every day.

Tours can also be a good option, you can buy it directly in the place you are staying, however if you hire them in advance and directly with the agency it will be much cheaper.

3. Buy in Advance

This is a good option if you are going to travel in high season, especially if you go with the family.

Buying flights or booking the hotel several months in advance is much cheaper than doing it a few weeks in advance, especially for the most popular destinations, such as the beach.

You also make sure to find the best times for the flights or bus and hotel of your choice.

4. Compare Flights And Agencies

The prices of plane or bus tickets vary depending on the company, the day and even the schedule. Review the options before buying.

It is usually cheaper if you are looking for tickets during the week than on the weekend or if you travel very early in the morning or late at night.

Now, if what you are looking for is a travel agency, there are also many options, check the packages and what additional things each one offers you, for example, traveler’s insurance or transfers included.

5. Look For Free Activities

All tourist destinations have some free activities, for example, museums or archaeological sites are free on Sunday for Mexican tourists.

You can also visit monuments, parks or do tours on your own in the same city and leave the tours for nearby places.

Make your itinerary and pack your bags, but above all, keep a budget and try to stick to it so that you enjoy your vacation and do not become a burden on your budget.

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