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Fashion polos: Take your style to another level by dressing in the right way

A man’s closet is usually full of basic garments that are the ideal options to wear on any occasion. Fashionable men’s polo shirts are one of them since they are often found in the wardrobe of any lover of good style.

The adaptation and versatility of these shirts are so simple that they will look great with almost any look, if you still don’t know how to wear them, here are some guidelines.

Why wear fashionable polo shirts?

  • They have been used since the 19th century in the fields of polo and tennis. Therefore, it is a garment that does not go out of style and denotes class and sophistication.
  • Despite having a specific clothing style, over time fashion has innovated by making some variations, such as bright colors, for example, pink or yellow, and adding striped patterns or a side pocket.
  • You can give it that touch of formality when you need it with the right accessories.
  • Neutral-colored polo shirts tend to go with all your types of pants.
  • Comfort is the main reason many guys wear this type of clothing.

Start by choosing the right size

The main rule of using the different models of poles is that they are not too tight. Some men use it to show off their strong figure, however, this type of garment is made to be slightly loose, you should not show your biceps much until the middle is correct.

Regardless of whether you are in shape or not, it is not advisable to wear tight outfits with these shirts. Balance is one of the characteristics that must be taken into account when wearing such a specific shirt.

The perfect base for you to add what you like

As mentioned above, printed or simple polo shirts serve as the basis for any outfit you want to wear; it is important that you keep combinations simple and not too loaded. For example, if you are looking for an elegant look, neutral tones will surely look better on you.

Now, if you want to go on a picnic on that sunny afternoon, bright colors will be a good ally. If you are going to wear a striking shirt, make sure you have a uniform and harmonic range. Try to combine small elements of your shirt with the rest of your outfit so you don’t look uncoordinated.

Do you have a special outing with friends?

For an outing with your friends or your crush, you can complement your shirt with shorts. There are many polo designs, although the classic one is the most used, this is the right occasion to wear stripes or small prints.

Add a belt, white sneakers, and a blazer. There are some accessories that could add a touch of sophistication, such as sunglasses or a fashionable hat.

That perfect complement to be at home

If you are studying or working at home, surely you are looking for comfort while you carry out your activities.

For this reason, the clothes that give you comfort and make you feel relaxed and free to make any movement can be a cotton polo shirt with a pair of jeans. It is an enviable outfit if you want to be at home, without losing the style.

Go out to train in a polo shirt

The clothing of certain sports such as tennis or golf are suitable for the use of this type of shirt, but, if you want to wear a men’s polo shirt for running or doing any training, it will be very chic, since the cotton is breathable and fits perfectly to your body while you train.

Curiosities of this popular garment

In 1927 the tennis player René Lacoste shortened his sleeves for greater comfort and used breathable cotton to wear while playing, hence the standard design.

In the 1970s, sports polo shirts became popular worldwide thanks to a collection by the renowned Ralph Lauren brand.

Show off your style and express your best attitude using the best polo brands combining them with all the clothes you have in your closet.

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