Ex-San Francisco supervisor rips ‘unsuitable’ handouts of medication to homeless: ‘Must be feeding their stomachs’

By | May 9, 2020

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A faded San Francisco city supervisor spoke back Friday to reports that alcohol and diverse addictive substances are being supplied to homeless other folks which will in all probability be being kept in California hotels so that you just can stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Alioto told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that it is a long way repugnant for the authorities to “feed the dependancy” of a “susceptible inhabitants,” but added that officers are no longer using taxpayer bucks to make so.

“[That] begs the interrogate — the save is that this money coming from?” Alioto asked. “If the reason we’re no longer using taxpayer bucks is on fable of it would in any other case no longer be valid to make? We know that is correct on the federal level anyway,” Alioto acknowledged.

“The root that the authorities can poison about a other folks for the factual of the many is unsuitable. This has been debated over years, it’s unconstitutional [and] very un-American for that matter.”


Host Tucker Carlson additionally questioned whether or no longer the prepare would be valid if the authorities were using taxpayer bucks.

“I can’t deem of a clearer signal to taxpayers, voters, other folks making an strive to make the valid things, that we correct detest you and are spending all of our time on other folks that aren’t contributing,” Carlson remarked. “I suggest, honestly. Why would they be giving the homeless free stuff?”

Alioto agreed, including that if the homeless and impoverished inhabitants were to receive any lend a hand, it would possibly maybe well per chance be within the construct of meals.

“We must all the time be feeding their stomachs, no longer their addictions,” he acknowledged. “I bet they honestly feel as although the relaxation of us can fend for ourselves, I deem the right trouble right here by the Department of Smartly being is, to give them rather bit of credit, they don’t must spread the COVID illness… [But] these forms of homeless other folks which will in all probability be being housed within the hotels particular to this program — which will in all probability be getting methadone, marijuana, alcohol, some of them are no longer even COVID obvious, but what they strive to make is force them into self-isolation by feeding these addictions.”


Carlson then claimed authorities in Los Angeles are threatening to “commandeer” hotels whose administration is opposed to letting the homeless be housed there.

“I’m for serving to the homeless,” the host acknowledged. “So many need exact lend a hand … But all the trouble looks to be to be for the homeless, but what about other folks which will in all probability be trying in fact laborious to make wisely for his or her children and develop society higher? They are fully no longer neatly-known. Why?”

According to the San Francisco Narrative, town’s health department acknowledged that in some eventualities, “restricted quantities” of booze, marijuana, methadone and tobacco are being dispensed by “non-public funding” to these being helped by the program.

“Managed alcohol and tobacco spend makes it capability to develop better the number of company who cease in isolation and quarantine and, particularly, protects the health of oldsters that will in any other case need clinical institution enjoy life-threatening alcohol withdrawal,” town Department of Smartly being acknowledged in a press liberate got by the paper.

The Narrative additionally reported that better than 700 homeless have faith been given housing, with precedence being given to the elderly and these with health concerns.