Dr. Marc Siegel on coronavirus: ‘I mediate it’s a whopping quantity of conditions undiagnosed’

By | March 14, 2020

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Dr. Marc Siegel looked on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday the build he gave his evaluate of the coronavirus pandemic within the aftermath of President Trump declaring a national emergency.

“There’s many hundreds of conditions that maintain no longer been identified, per chance on narrative of they’re soft, but it’s some distance rarely any longer too uninteresting to study on narrative of we do no longer want one other system we can work with,” Siegel acknowledged.


Siegel moreover spoke about the complications hospitals and labs are having, fearing they are exposing their workers to the virus.

“Doctors are being immediate you do no longer gape these patients. Effectively, we do no longer know what to carry out with them then. And the supreme ingredient we maintain is a check, excluding you’ll want to well well per chance no longer truly carry out the check on narrative of the lab, and I fair came all over out this this present day… they’re no longer going to carry out the tests,” Siegel acknowledged. “Tucker, even though they’ve the tools, they don’t want to effect their lab technicians, in my check, within the road of fireplace and be subjected to that you’ll want to well well per chance also imagine coronavirus.”

The resolution, in response to the Fox News medical contributor, is to carry out what South Korea and companies and products in Nebraska are doing — force-thru attempting out companies and products.

“You maintain to maintain folks dressed up in non-public protecting tools admire we confirmed in Nebraska. They would well fair restful be doing [it] very fastidiously. And it’s obtained to be finished on a high volume foundation anyway,” Siegel acknowledged. “It could per chance in all probability’t be contained anymore. However I will verbalize you why I need it finished.”


Siegel acknowledged though the virus has already spread, attempting out is an important to “reassure folks that don’t want it” and “decrease the panic.”

“Now we maintain to know who has this so we can provide protection to the folks most in possibility, even though it’s sustained at some stage in all communities,” Siegel acknowledged. “I mediate it’s a whopping quantity of conditions undiagnosed. We restful have to know who has it.”