Dr. Drew Pinsky’s message to media: Discontinuance fanning the flames of dread on coronavirus

By | March 6, 2020

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The media is fanning the flames of dread surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, Dr. Drew Pinsky mentioned Friday.

In an interview on “Fox & Chums” with hosts Jedediah Bila, Pete Hegseth and Steve Doocy, Pinksy mentioned that the dread surrounding the deadly virus is “far worse than the virus.”

“Let the experts whose job it is to get hold of pandemic construct their job,” he exclaimed. “They’re doing an improbable job. Worldwide, the efforts and [effectiveness] of the organizations esteem the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention} CDC and the World Health Organization [WHO] has been outstanding, and yet the media proceed to get every effort to hump up dread.


“Scrutinize, the WHO has mentioned there is a pair of three percent fatality rate on this virus and every time they are saying that they repeatedly qualify it and disclose we seek records from it to drop a lot when we understand the plump extent of the virus. … Or now not it is amongst us. This is a flu season, every person, There are 18,000 deaths from the flu,” he persisted.

“Why are likely to be now not we disturbed about that?” he requested. “Why is now not the message: come by your flu shot? You can even very wisely be more susceptible to die of the flu than the coronavirus.”

Pinsky told the “Chums” hosts he believes the media has long gone to “worthy lengths” to preserve misfortune alive in the hearts of their viewers.

“A local news company in Los Angeles had…photos of a paramedic being dispatched to a cruise ship regularly all evening…and on the head, they trudge, ‘Oh, by the diagram, there became as soon as a fight on a cruise ship. Any individual bought injured,'” he recalled.


“And, then you positively, again, you noticed the CDC press convention a pair of days in the past where newshounds have been esteem, ‘What are unlucky of us supposed to construct [with] the price of Purell?'” Pinsky added. “And, somebody stands up and goes, ‘Wash your hands. Or now not it is mighty greater.’

“So, wash your hands, disinfect all the pieces, use your Clorox wipes, come by your flu shot. Attain the total stuff you are supposed to construct in flu season,” he told.

On Friday, President Trump signed an $8.3 billion coronavirus spending bill to attend fight the spread of the illness. So far, there have been at least 97,993 confirmed cases worldwide with over 3,300 deaths. The United States lays claim to 232 cases of the virus and 11 deaths have been recorded so far.