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Do You Know the Best Violins for Beginners?

After several weeks talking about guitars, the time has come to show you the best violins for beginners and what a violin needs to have to be perfect to start with. If you are starting or want to start with the violin, pay attention to this post.

Let’s present you three of the best violin models for beginners, so that you can choose a violin model that brings out the best in you.

FTV014 violin from Memphis. The best value for money.

The first violin that we bring you today is one of the preferred options among amateur violinists thanks to its great value for money. The Memphis FTV014 violin is perfect for the materials it presents, but also for the great finish it has.

Its solid spruce top makes this violin sound spectacular and it also comes with the case and bow included. If you are looking for a cheap violin, this is your best option.

Cervini HV100 violin. Spectacular comfort at the best price.

The following violin model that we present to you is one of the most comfortable that you will find to begin with and offers us a sound that few models reach at this price. The Cervini HV100 violin also has different finishes so you can choose the one you like best.

All Cervini violins, while affordably priced, are handcrafted with the same care and attention that are applied to the most expensive violins on the market.

Ashton AV342BBS Violin. A real gem.

The last violin that we present to you today is one of the riskiest options since it presents a color that is not very common in the world of violins but that is very popular. Ashton’s AV342BBS violin also has a spectacular sound.

In addition, the materials of this violin are perfect for beginners due to the sound they produce. This violin also has a case and bow included so you will have everything you need to play.


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