Dan Gainor: Andrew Cuomo and brother Chris uncover a mockery of journalism, viewers and CNN

By | May 21, 2020

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The news media that gave us Bill Clinton, “The Man from Hope,” are in actuality searching for to sell us on Fresh York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, The Candidate From CNN – where his brother Chris anchors.

From Hope to hopeless.

The Brothers Cuomo created yet one other journalism outrage Wednesday evening. Youthful brother Chris, who anchors for CNN, all over all over again interviewed his older, more a hit brother. It wasn’t news.


In truth, it became so horrific that it made news. As reported by NewsBusters Chris whipped out big swabs and asked his brother, “is it factual that whenever you occur to is probably going to be having the take a look at administered, you inhaled and the doctor’s finger went the total intention up your nose and bought caught and it needed to be released with a tool?”

Chris has gone from newsman to Baghdad Bob for the wannabe Cuomo presidency. And that’s especially important since the governor is broadly considered as a doable replacement can also honest restful Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden falter forward of the election. The press is so evident on this level that MSNBC Host Joy Reid known as Andrew “a more or less acting president.”

The CNN half of the duo doesn’t quiz tricky questions, he clowns with his brother like they were on the set of “Saturday Evening Live.”

That can also honest no longer be so depraved if Andrew were in a job more befitting his skill set – performer and even journalist. In its set, Andrew is governor of the dispute hardest hit by the coronavirus. And it became as governor that Andrew ordered patients infected with the virus into nursing homes where thousands died.

Now, as Politico reported on Could well per chance honest 7, Cuomo is “below fire for response to Covid-19 at nursing homes.” He modified route however only after more than 5,300 participants had died in nursing homes.

None of that will get discussed when the Cuomos occasion on TV. Or no longer decrease than no longer as soon as they are yucking it up on air.

Chris even joked that the immense swab became fundamental to “match up that double-barrel shotgun that you just may per chance perchance perchance occupy mounted on the entrance of your pretty face.”

The following segments are both an embarrassment to what remains of authentic journalism and a stain on the physique politic.


Even the press has noticed forward of this. Columbia Journalism Review’s Jon Allsop raised the evident quiz, “Could well per chance honest restful Chris be allowed to interview a family member in a journalistic surroundings?”

Over at Mediaite, one analyst known as the interviews a “battle of passion” intention aid in March, which is set seven years in quarantine time. He added that, “For the sake of journalistic integrity, their interviews must stop.”

Extra from Belief

They haven’t. CNN has what it considers to be a profitable formula. The target audience likes it and the result promotes a Democrat politician who then owes the network sizable time for growing a phony account where he has carried out a sexy job.

The Society of Decent Journalists Code of Ethics (Yes, there may per chance be one.) is reasonably particular on this complete fiasco. “Journalists can also honest restful: Motivate a ways from conflicts of passion, sincere or perceived. Pronounce unavoidable conflicts.”


CNN clearly considers Cuomo a journalist though you factual about must wonder why at this level. Right here’s his network bio: “Chris Cuomo anchors CNN’s Cuomo Top Time, a 9 pm nightly news program where Cuomo tests vitality with newsmakers and politicians from all sides of the aisle, and experiences on the most stylish breaking news from Washington and sincere by the area.”

Completely the fundamental share of that looks to be factual — the name and time slot largely. He’s clearly no longer sorting out his brother’s vitality, he’s sorting out CNN’s vitality to set his brother in the White Home.