Coronavirus WFH guidelines, existence-saving smartphones, iPhone scans, Dwelling windows 10 shortcuts and extra: Tech Q&A

By | March 8, 2020

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Your top tech questions answered, each week, by Kim Komando.

Your high tech questions answered, per week, by Kim Komando.

A week I receive tons of questions from my listeners, readers, and viewers about tech concerns, novel merchandise and all things digital.

Once almost in the present day, selecting the most full of life inquiries to spotlight is the finest fragment of my job. This week, I purchased questions about past episodes, iPhone scanning, switching smartphone brands and extra.

Attain that it is probably you’ll if truth be told comprise a ask it’s good to inquire from me? I learn every body!

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Smartphone 911

Q: My of us are older. Is there a particular setting on their smartphones so emergency personnel will know the medicines they get and to call me straight in the occasion of an emergency? I wretchedness about them.

A: Many of us use engraved steel accouterments to almost in the present day expose first responders of any instances or allergic reactions crucial to the wearer. Our smartphones can present the connected info to emergency personnel and is equipped even when the phone is locked.

Paramedics and EMTs are trained to sight this feature after they attain on a scene. Which that it is probably you’ll be ready to additionally reward your emergency contacts so beloved ones can almost in the present day procure out about accidents or ER visits even whenever you are unconscious. The feature is free and straightforward to role up. It shouldn’t get you additional than five minutes. Remember, it can well thoroughly set up a existence. Tap or click right here to role up Scientific ID on a smartphone.

Coronavirus WFH guidelines

Q: I heard fragment of your reward where you had been talking about the tech to use in the course of the coronavirus to your commerce and existence. Is there a transcript that I can learn? I continuously learn so great from you!

A: It’s a big instance of the roughly tech records I love to broadcast. Linked, existence-changing and up-to-the-minute. Reasonably than reading thru a transcript, that you just would be succesful to even hear the podcast or look that particular episode but again by becoming a member of the Komando Community, an irregular social media platform for tech enthusiasts and followers of my reward.

Incandescent purchasers will want to raise a inquire of at the Community before signing on for the long-interval of time, which is why that you just would be succesful to even enter promo code “Kim” at You’ll procure a trove of archived multimedia, which that you just would be succesful to even browse at your leisure. Tap or click right here to your 7-day free trial.

Dwelling windows shortcuts

Q: You aged to comprise a list of keyboard shortcuts to your space. I’m utilizing Dwelling windows 10 and procure them sooner to win things completed than utilizing menus. Where can I procure that list but again?

A: Dwelling windows is at ease per its shortcuts and you don’t want to learn too many novel keystrokes from one model to the subsequent. However along with its arsenal of most as much as the moment functions, the most as much as the moment Dwelling windows operating machine additionally highlights particular shortcuts. One of my favorites is the Dwelling windows logo key + C, which prompts Cortana.

The elephantine list could well also appear intimidating, but most of us procure these different key combinations radically urge their productiveness. Correct learn the ones you will use most usually and you won’t want to depend so carefully to your mouse. Tap or click right here for Dwelling windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Smartphone conversions

Q: I’m switching from an Android phone to an iPhone. My kids are making me! How assemble I win obvious I don’t lose my photos, texts and other stuff?

A: Most users are mindful that upgrading telephones interior the connected label is an effortless job, thanks to cloud abilities that connects multiple devices that fragment the connected person. What is much less known is how love minded Androids and iPhones are, at the least where records backups are alive to.

The job is extremely identical to traditional upgrades, appropriate win obvious to coach the instructions precisely and retain a solid Wi-Fi connection. Once the two telephones initiate speaking, that you just would be succesful to even transfer all these beloved photos, videos and song info without a hitch. Tap or click right here to transfer from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

iPhone scanning secret

Q: I heard you affirm that you just scan documents utilizing your iPhone without utilizing a particular app. What’s the secret? Please fragment!

A: The most principal is virtually too glaring to evaluate. Basically the most as much as the moment model of Notes is a soft heavy-accountability app with improved search and organizational functions, as wisely as a particular “scan” feature. The scanning probability is built-in straight into one of many most omitted iPhone apps and it’s extremely easy to use.

Merely press the camera icon and you’re halfway there. While you’re rediscovering Notes, that it is probably you need to inquire of its other game-changing additions. Tap or click right here for 7 extremely recommended ideas to use Apple’s Notes app.

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