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Turns Out Coffee Is The Cruel Reason Your Flight May Be Delayed

Share This: This is the ultimate betrayal. According to a new piece by The New York Times, malfunctioning coffee makers on airplanes cause flight delays that can affect thousands of passengers. Take one pass through Twitter and you’ll find plenty of irritated passengers who have dealt with this particular delay. Captain just said our flight was delayed because the… Read More »

For Two Weeks, The Beaches Of South Jersey Looked Tropical

Share This: So who’s noticed the tropically-turquoise waters off of South Jersey over the last 10 days? Quite unusual, right? — Dan Skeldon (@ACPressSkeldon) July 12, 2016 By Cara Giaimo, originally published on Atlas Obscura. Joe Bongiovanni, beach safety director for New Jersey’s Asbury Park, is used to surveying dark, murky waves for swimmers in trouble. These… Read More »

This Village Without Roads Is Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Share This: Source: Country Living Put this one on your list of places to go. Giethoorn, Netherlands, looks like it was lifted from your favorite storybook, and as far as we can tell, it probably was. This picturesque village has no roads, and instead uses a series of canals for residents to get around. It’s located in the… Read More »

7 Best Green Hotels in the World

Share This: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, A luxurious resort located just off the Rio Negro in the Brazilian Amazon, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge offers prime wildlife viewing spots, as well as comfortable, air-conditioned rooms and porches adorned with hammocks. All meals are included, so experience local cuisine and great service, and be sure to go on one of the daily… Read More »

9 reasons to visit Georgia now

Share This: (CNN)Out on the fringes of Europe, the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is a country shrouded in mystery. “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west and dry deserts to the south, this small country, which borders Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia… Read More »