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7 Best Green Hotels in the World

Share This: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, A luxurious resort located just off the Rio Negro in the Brazilian Amazon, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge offers prime wildlife viewing spots, as well as comfortable, air-conditioned rooms and porches adorned with hammocks. All meals are included, so experience local cuisine and great service, and be sure to go on one of the… Read More »

Traveling Won’t Heal Your Heartbreak, But It Will Teach You To Love Again

Share This: A trip abroad for the summer sounded like a dream to most, but to me? Well, I was just trying to see if travel really could heal a broken heart. I had spent most of my 20sin a relationship. It was a twisted, wildly exhausting and, at times, emotionally abusive relationship. I had poured my whole… Read More »

9 reasons to visit Georgia now

Share This: (CNN)Out on the fringes of Europe, the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is… Read More »