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High-Rise review Tom Hiddleston shines in social-surrealist film of the year

idents of a state-of-the-art tower block succumb to a collective breakdown in Ben Wheatleys ingenious adaptation of the JG Ballard novel In the 1970s, people called high-rise buildings slums built up into the sky, and now film-maker Ben Wheatley has built the 1970s out into the future. His new film High-Rise is a bizarre spectacle, sleek and seedy… Read More »


6 Awesome New Movies That No One Told You About

In terms of movie marketing, 2016 is whiffing hard. The Ghostbusters trailer has the comedic originality of a Geico commercial, Star Trek Beyond looks like an action spoof, Warcraft is casting the spell of dubstep, and Suicide Squad decided it wanted to be Guardians Of The Galaxy after filming was already complete. Now, I’m not saying that these… Read More »