The end of an era

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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!

Wait, let’s try that again:

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!

That’s right, my friends, after four-and-a-half years, Blog Cabins will be no more. Some months back, I got a message from my friend and fellow blogger Kai Parker of The List. It said, “I am drunk so bear in mind when reading! ๐Ÿ™‚ If we were smart, we would certainly get together with a handful of other bloggers we know and build one big Mega-blog-site.” Much to his surprise, I replied with, “Not shitting you…I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing for a while, and especially lately, but wondered who to ask and whether or not anyone would certainly have actually interest.”

Thus, a brand-new website was born. Chalk it up to any number of things: boredom, a desire for a brand-new challenge, the appeal of a brand-new partnership – whatever it was, there it is. Kai and I are each ceasing operations on our existing sites (the URL will still function, but there will be no brand-new posts) and have actually begun a brand-new journey, one that can be found at our brand-new home:


We have actually high hopes and big goals for our brand-new site. It will feature lists (of course), reviews of brand-new releases, classic films and vault picks, news, trailers, editorials, festival/awards coverage, games and hopefully everything in between. There will be additional contributors (let us know if you’re interested!) helping us along the way, too. Basically, we’ve spent much of the last two months working on the site (thank god the Ladies of the 90s tourney was here to keep this place going over that time; watch for the Dudes of the 90s tourney over at Insight Into Entertainment, going on now) and we’re really excited about what we’ve got. We hope that you’ll come visit us and give us a warm welcome.

So thanks to all of you that visited BC over the years – it was a blast and wouldn’t have actually been without everyone that visited and commented and all that other sappy stuff that people say. Mucho thanks as well to Kai for joining me on this brand-new journey as well. It’s gonna be a blast – join us!

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Movie of the Month/LAMBcast #68: Oldboy

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[Note: this site is no longer publishing new content – please come check out my awesome new site, Man, I Love Films! Thanks!]

The voters in our last MOTM poll overwhelmingly selected Oldboy as this month’s film, and it’s not hard to see why. Chan-wook Park’s genre-spanning 2003 film shockingly was not an instant classic, but has become more than a cult icon in the eight years since its release, climbing the IMDb Top 250 (it currently sits at #97) and, more importantly, becoming more and more known as one of the quintessential Asian films of the new century.

For those unfamiliar with it, the plot synopsis from IMDb:

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Movies In Theaters Now Playing

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A list of the very best films in theaters that you should see. Have a drink at the local watering hole before hand, whet your appetite for some good film while sitting on the bar stool, and see these movies soon before they are gone.

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Moviestarplanet Fame Fortune And Friends

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Jute is yet another great material for eco conscious consumers. It is likewise extremely under-appreciated. Cotton takes most of the fame and fortune for the natural fiber materials. However, most people have actually never even heard of jute. Why is jute such an eco friendly material?

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Dan Dare is a classic British science fiction comic hero. The comic hero was initial created by Frank Hampson in his “Dan Dare – Pilot Of The Future” science-fiction strip-cartoon collection in 1950. The collection was distinguished by its snappy dialogues, meticulously illustrated artwork and complex story lines. The popularity and quality of the comic collection remained high throughout the 1950s.

Initially, Dan Dare was surrounded by a varying cast of characters that included Digby, Professor Peabody, Hank Hogan, Sondra and Sir Hubert Guest. The collection was additionally aired five times a week on Radio Luxembourg during 1950s. Dan Dare appeared in the initial issue of “2000 AD” magazine in 1977. The strip got a major changeover in 1987 and became more like a space opera. Dan sported a “tough guy” look and led a team of space commandos. Dan Dare starred in a collection of three computer games during the 1980s. The collection featured spacecrafts of various designs as products of the inhabitants of other planets. Later an experimental time-traveling ship “Tempus Frangit” was additionally introduced into the series.

In 2002, Dan Dare became a computer-generated TV series. The collection was initial produced by Netter Digital and then by Foundation Imaging. It ran a total of 26 episodes during the year. The collection was later repeated on Channel 5. The Dan’s movies have actually got immense popularity among children in the US also. The Dan’s movies have actually additionally been broadcasted on various television channels across the UK and other countries of the world. You will find lots of die-hard Dan Dare supporters around the world. The comic collection now features as an online movie on several Internet sites. You can additionally download Dan Dare movie DVDs from the free online movies download sites.

Dan Dare movie DVDs are widely available across the retailers in the UK at attractive bargain prices. You may additionally download the whole range of Dan’s movies from the free online movies download sites. Dan Dare movie DVDs are sure to keep your children entertained this festive season.

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Don’t Want To Play a Cliched Indian Girl: Anushka Sharma On Hollywood Projects

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Mumbai: What Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are doing on foreign shores is amazing, believes actress Anushka Sharma, who says she is personally not working towards Hollywood projects.

Both Priyanka and Deepika have actually bagged plum projects in the West.

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‘Finding Dory’ review: Feels like a step down, only because Pixar sets bar so high

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2003โ€™s Finding Nemo was a special experience. No one had seen animation of such high quality before, and neither had anyone seen a movie about talking fish. Every character was a memorable delight and director Andrew Stanton cleverly subverted many film stereotypes โ€” which was a refreshingly new style of animation filmmaking at that time. A sequel coming 13 years later seems like an easy opportunity for a cash grab, but Pixar proves once again that they donโ€™t make films just to make money, but to genuinely entertain their audiences.

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Gillian Anderson to be the next James Bond

Gillian Anderson to be the next James Bond

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It was already very clear that Daniel Craig was totally over playing James Bond.Now that he’s officially quit the role, it’s time for fans to start gossiping about who will replace him.

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High-Rise review  Tom Hiddleston shines in social-surrealist film of the year

High-Rise review Tom Hiddleston shines in social-surrealist film of the year

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idents of a state-of-the-art tower block succumb to a collective breakdown in Ben Wheatleys ingenious adaptation of the JG Ballard novel

In the 1970s, people called high-rise buildings slums built up into the sky, and now film-maker Ben Wheatley has built the 1970s out into the future. His new film High-Rise is a bizarre spectacle, sleek and seedy and mad: a world of sideburns, brutalist concrete and shag-pile carpeting matted with fag ash and blood. Very strange, very Sanderson. Its closer to an installation of non-narrative freakiness and outrageous self-indulgence. This indulgence is the films flaw, but it is also in some way its subject.

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movies girtl on the right

6 Awesome New Movies That No One Told You About

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In terms of movie marketing, 2016 is whiffing hard. The Ghostbusters trailer has the comedic originality of a Geico commercial, Star Trek Beyond looks like an action spoof, Warcraft is casting the spell of dubstep, and Suicide Squad decided it wanted to be Guardians Of The Galaxy after filming was already complete. Now, I’m not saying that these films are guaranteed to be hot garbage, but their previews have all the mystique of a used condom you find by the side of the road.

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