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The end of an era

Share This: Welcome back my friends to the show that never endsWe’re so glad you could attendCome inside! Come inside! Wait, let’s try that again: Welcome back my friends to the show that never endsWe’re so glad you could attendCome inside! Come inside! That’s right, my friends, after four-and-a-half years, Blog Cabins will be no more. Some months… Read More »

Movie of the Month/LAMBcast #68: Oldboy

Share This: [Note: this site is no longer publishing new content – please come check out my awesome new site, Man, I Love Films! Thanks!] The voters in our last MOTM poll overwhelmingly selected Oldboy as this month’s film, and it’s not hard to see why. Chan-wook Park’s genre-spanning 2003 film shockingly was not an instant classic,… Read More »

Movies In Theaters Now Playing

Share This: A list of the very best films in theaters that you should see. Have a drink at the local watering hole before hand, whet your appetite for some good film while sitting on the bar stool, and see these movies soon before they are gone. Up in the Air   Young director and writer Jason Reitman… Read More »

Moviestarplanet Fame Fortune And Friends

Share This: Jute is yet another great material for eco conscious consumers. It is likewise extremely under-appreciated. Cotton takes most of the fame and fortune for the natural fiber materials. However, most people have actually never even heard of jute. Why is jute such an eco friendly material? Jute is a fabric that we call “burlap” in North… Read More »


Share This: Dan Dare is a classic British science fiction comic hero. The comic hero was initial created by Frank Hampson in his “Dan Dare – Pilot Of The Future” science-fiction strip-cartoon collection in 1950. The collection was distinguished by its snappy dialogues, meticulously illustrated artwork and complex story lines. The popularity and quality of the comic collection… Read More »

Gillian Anderson to be the next James Bond

Share This: It was already very clear that Daniel Craig was totally over playing James Bond.Now that he’s officially quit the role, it’s time for fans to start gossiping about who will replace him. Idris Elba has been one of the top choices for years, frequently name-dropped by fans of the Bond franchise. That being said, by last… Read More »

6 Awesome New Movies That No One Told You About

Share This: In terms of movie marketing, 2016 is whiffing hard. The Ghostbusters trailer has the comedic originality of a Geico commercial, Star Trek Beyond looks like an action spoof, Warcraft is casting the spell of dubstep, and Suicide Squad decided it wanted to be Guardians Of The Galaxy after filming was already complete. Now, I’m not saying… Read More »