Call to fasting to back with coronavirus pandemic

By | March 27, 2020

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As millions of Christians like a flash for Lent, many are focusing the sacrifice on ending the coronavirus pandemic.

Better than 100 pastors in Ohio called for statewide prayer and fasting, the ragged notice of willfully refraining from one thing — in total meals. The network of clergymen is revisiting how prayer and fasting curtailed the cholera pandemic in 1849, in accordance with Front Lines Ohio.


“We’re calling Ohioans to a season of company prayer and fasting, especially at some stage within the zenith of the Holy Week and Passover observances from Sunday, April fifth through Thursday, April 16th,” the proclamation reads.

Pastor Paul Lintern of Oakland Lutheran and Southside Christian Church speaks outside the Troy Township Fire Station before joining three other clergy in reading the joint proclamation.

Pastor Paul Lintern of Oakland Lutheran and Southside Christian Church speaks exterior the Troy Township Fire Situation sooner than becoming a member of three assorted clergy in studying the joint proclamation.
(Nigel Hardin)

“We stand in team spirit as a faith crew at some stage in these unparalleled instances being fully ecstatic within the words of Psalm 91 that only the Most High God will be our refuge and fortress and will bring us from the hazardous pestilence.”

Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau wrote a letter Sunday asking Israelis to love a flash unless hour of darkness Wednesday to “hold away the coronavirus disease,” CBN News experiences.

“The ethical Lord will hear to our prayers and reply us and redeem us from your total harsh decrees, He’ll attach in His mammoth mercy his folk Israel and your total younger folk of the field who need it,” Lau acknowledged. “A petition having a gaze to Divine Mercy.”


Lou Engle, who led the “Jesus Posthaste” that tens of thousands maintain participated in, called for a 3-day worldwide like a flash final week.

“Collectively, within the victory Christ has already won on the imperfect, we can talk to this coronavirus, saying, ‘Be thou eliminated!'” he acknowledged.

“As we enact, let’s assume collectively that this pandemic will abate, stadiums will be filled, elections shifted, and 2020 will scurry down in history – no longer as the 300 and sixty five days where the worldwide locations collapsed – however as the 300 and sixty five days of ancient strategy of evangelism and missions worldwide!”