Bloomberg campaign adviser says accusations he’s attempting to ‘win’ election are a ‘distraction’

By | February 9, 2020

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Michael Bloomberg‘s 2020 campaign senior adviser Tim O’Brien defended the billionaire and old New York City mayor against his fellow Democratic presidential candidates who accuse him of attempting to “win” the nomination, calling it a “distraction.”

“The fact is or no longer it’s a distraction what they’re announcing. Mike Bloomberg has more governing experience than someone else within the Democratic field,” O’Brien acknowledged on “The united states’s News HQ” on Saturday. “He is any individual who stands on a stack of accomplishments as a philanthropist, a self-made businessman, and any individual who’s governed one in every of basically the most complex cities on this planet efficiently.”


At some stage in Friday night’s ABC News Democratic debate in New Hampshire, the Bloomberg develop into once criticized for his blueprint.

“But I inform whereas you are value 60 billion greenbacks, you might exhaust loads of hundred million greenbacks on commercials. You’d be pleased a little advantage,” Democratic entrance-runner Bernie Sanders acknowledged of Bloomberg. “That is nonsense.”

O’Brien argued against the concept that Bloomberg might well buy an election.

“Money will win you exposure. Money does no longer win you an election,” O’Brien informed anchor Arthel Neville. “Whenever you might win elections, just among the opposite candidates who spent heavily would no longer be caught at 1 or 2 percent.”

The adviser moreover defended Bloomberg’s spending, justifying it by pointing to Prsesident Trump.

“It be most necessary because Mike Bloomberg recognizes there’s a five-terror fire within the White Dwelling,” O’Brien acknowledged. “He is a public servant with a public judgment of right and wrong. And he sees this campaign as the fruits of his lifestyles’s work.”


“There is no person working relevant now who might well be a more effective, conscientious and ethically clear president than Mike Bloomberg,” O’Brien added. “And he’s bought a be conscious file to level to it.”